Watkins Glen Rolex Classic GT Enduro race quotes

Asa Candler, ...

Asa Candler, #98 '70 Royale RP-4 - Winner Rolex Classic GT Enduro-- "It was a blast right to the end, they passed me, I passed him. I passed him going into a turn and he would pass me coming out of the turn. It was very exciting." How were you able to pull away the last four laps of the race to gain the victory? "Well I just decided that when I finally got a good lead I was really going to push it. This is the first time I've been here so I am just learning the track. I needed to be a little conservative but it was a great race!"

John Bourassa, #73 '73 Porsche 911 RSR - Second Place Finisher Rolex Classic GT Enduro -- "Oh I enjoyed the race thoroughly, it was a good race. We did it with a smart pit stop. We weren't the fastest car out there but we did have a smart pit stop." Can you tell me about your last four laps? "Well they went pretty well. I knew that Eric Bretzel was coming and I was trying to go just slow enough to win, make no mistakes!"

Eric Bretzel, #09 '72 Porsche 911 - Third Place Finisher Rolex Classic GT Enduro -- "Sometimes you're lucky, and sometimes your not lucky, today was not our lucky day. We were the only car to get stuck on the track during the full course yellow, so the other cars got to pit, but I had to do a whole lap going slow while they were in their pit stop. That put me behind but I still had a good drive. I had fun!"


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