Watkins Glen Qualifying quotes

Charlie Agg - ...

Charlie Agg - #27 TS1 Nissan R90C -Fastest Qualifier - "The last couple of days it was all rain, so we didn't really run too much. I really sort of got in the mood for it, and it is such a nice, bright day and a nice, clean track. It was just a pleasure. I just got going in it and the car just carries you around."

Jim Mullen - #112 TS1 Chevy Spice - Second Fastest Qualifier - "Not a good time but not a bad time. My times should really be in the low 1:41 's. I had the flu all week. This is the first time that I really drove the car hard, but I feel that I can get the car down to the 1:41's. The fastest time doesn't always win the race so we are going to try to win the race tomorrow."

Brian DeVries - #46 TS1 91 Intrepid GTP - Third Fastest Qualifier - "Well I feel really great, that's the first we've driven the car this weekend. We had the Nissan out and ran into some turbo problems, so basically I had one lap to see if the car would hold together. So the first lap in the car for the weekend was a 1:43, so yeah I'm very pleased and I know there's quite a bit more in the car, so hopefully we'll give Charlie and Jim a run tomorrow."


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