Watkins Glen: Group 6; Group 7, Formula 1 VS. CART Shoot-Out

Jochen Mass, ...

Jochen Mass, #31 '90 Mercedes Benz C11 - Former McClaren Formula 1 Driver, Legendary SportsCar Driver - Winner Group 6 Feature Race - "This was the finest racecar ever built, however, they were never able to win LeMans with it because parts broke on the car while they were leading. I'd like to thank Watkins Glen for its track and its organization. This was a great weekend and I had a lot of fun being here."

Howard Katz, #29 Lola LC-87 - First Place Finisher Group 7 Trophy Race - "There was a lot of traffic out there, but the car ran great. The race went ok. I knew what I was doing and the car was prepared wonderfully. I've been coming here for about 20 years so I've done this before. My first win here was in 1984."

Neil Knox, #186 Lola 91/90 - Second Place Finished Group 7 Trophy Race - "The race was very exciting. It was a lot of fun racing with Ted (Wenz) and Howard (Katz). The car ran better. I am still learning it and getting my skills set up to match the car. I got in this car Christmas of last year so this is our second season."

Ted Wenz, #61 March Indy - Third Place Finisher Group 7 Trophy Race - "The car ran great. Wayne Brown did a wonderful job on the car. I didn't perform quite as well. I spun right in front of my competitor Neil Knox who managed to miss me. It was a good bit of driving on his part. It was just a mistake on my part. I was trying too hard. My first race here was in the mid 1970's. I've been coming here a long time and I love it."


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