Watkins Glen Chemung Canal Trust Saturday notes

Jerome "Jerry" Peters, ...

Jerome "Jerry" Peters, #33 79 Argo JM-4 - Winner Super Vee Race -- "Well you know I just had some guy blow by me like I was standing still and he went under the start/finish line and that brought out the flag I was so happy they passed me." Commenting On Track Conditions "It (the track) had spots of water in it and if you got your wheeles in it, well of course on the turns you were 3 lanes to the outside of the curve so you had to be careful."

Richard Brown, #36 75 Lola T 324 - Second Place Finisher Super Vee Race - "It was a hoot. It was so much fun being out here with all these Super Vees. Usually I show up at a race and there aren't many cars to race with, only 1 or 2. With so many cars so equal, it was a blast, what a hoot!"

Richard Haskell, #76 '86 Ralt RT 5 - Third Place Finisher Super Vee Race - "Actually I was out there by myself for quite some time. I really had no idea where I was on the track on this mystery (drivers didn't know the length of the race) system. It was a pleasant surprise. Have You Ever been To Watkins Glen Before? No, actually this is my first time ever at Watkins Glen. We just got the car out of the garage it had been there for six years and we just got it out to be here with some of the other guys. We ran the series in the late 80's and we just ran this race to be here with some of the other guys here and race with them again."

Brian Redman, #47 71 Chevron B-19 - Winner 2-Liter Shoot-Out - "It was really an excellent race. I had a misfire early on in the race and dropped back to fourth and managed to get back up to lead and win the race."

Robert Hubbs #48 71 Chevron B-19 - Second Place Finisher 2-Liter Shoot-Out - "It was a riot out there, I enjoyed every minute of it. I come here twice a year and enjoy it every time. This is the first time I've ever been here in winner's circle."

Robert Machinist, #48 72 Chevron B-21 - Third Place Finisher 2-Liter Shoot-Out - "It is always great to have a lesson from Brian Redman. I was driving my heart out and got to go by Brian Redman and then within a lap he came back to show me the right way to go."


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