This Week in Racing History (April 3-9)

This Week in Racing History

This Week in Racing History
Michael Stucker

Jim Hall, 2009
Jim Hall, 2009

Photo by: Bob Heathcote

April 3
Leo Kinnunen drives a Porsche 917/10 to victory in the 300 kilometer Interserie race on the Nurburgring in West Germany (1972).

April 4
Stock car driver Tom Peck born in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, USA (1953).

April 5
Jim Hall drives his Chaparral 2A to victory in the USRRC race in Pensacola, Florida, USA (1964).

April 6
NASCAR pioneer Herb Thomas born in Oliva, North Carolina, USA (1923).

April 7
Desire Wilson becomes the first woman to win an F1 race when she wins the Aurora F1 series race at Brand Hatch, England (1980).

April 8
A.J. Foyt drives an Meskowski-Offenhauser to victory in the USAC Championship race at Trenton, New Jersey, USA (1962).

April 9
Ray Bellm and Maurizio Sandro Sala win the Jarama, Spain, 4-hour sports car race in a Gulf McLaren F1 GTR (1995).

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