International Historic Rally of GB entry list

Here are the published entry lists for the Millers Oils International Historic Rally of Great Britain, the Millers Oils National Rally Britannia, and the Millers Oils Classic Rally Britannia The International Rally takes place on...

Here are the published entry lists for the Millers Oils International Historic Rally of Great Britain, the Millers Oils National Rally Britannia, and the Millers Oils Classic Rally Britannia

The International Rally takes place on Saturday/Sunday 19/20 November. The National Rally Britannia and the Classic Rally Britannia both run on Saturday only. The Saturday route is identical for all 3 events. The Saturday route uses stages in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire; the Sunday route of the International Rally uses some of the World Championship Network Q RAC Rally Stages together with other stages exclusively for the International Historic Rally.

Total stage mileage on Saturday is approx 70 miles, with a further 30 stage miles for the International competitors on Sunday.

The International Rally is the final round of the FIA European Historic Rally Trophy and a round of the Mitropa Historic Cup. Leg 1 of the International Rally and National Rally Britannia and the Classic Rally Britannia count for the GTA Historic Challenge.

Updates to these entry lists to follow on Friday evening after the close of scrutiny/documentation (provided I can get a decent dial-up connection from the Headquarters Hotel).

MILLERS OILS RAC INTERNATIONAL HISTORIC RALLY 94 FIA European Historic Rally Trophy NUMBER CREW CLASS 1 Ake Anderson/ Porsche 911 G11 2 Mats Adolfsson/ Porsche 911 G11 3 Jonathan Everard/Adrian Robinson Austin Healey G12 4 Jimmy McRae/Beatty Crawford Porsche 911 G11 5 Ake Gustavsson/Monty Karlan Porsche 911 G11 6 Stephen Hall/Jane Bourne Triumph TR4 G11 7 Michael Stoschek/Klaus Wendel Porsche 911 G11 8 Dave Preece/Rowand Prentice Porsche 911 G11 9 Jerry Larsson/Torbjorn Henrysson Porsche 911 G11 10 John Handley/Tony Moy Ford Lotus Cortina T13 11 Hans Sellberg/Sam Berhardsson Ford Lotus Cortina T13 12 David Bennett/David Astle Porsche 911 G11 13 / G11 14 Roger Powley/Brian Goff Porsche 911 G11 15 Roger Chilman/Bill Griffiths Porsche 911 G11 16 Peter Van Merksteyn/ Porsche 911 G11 17 Frank Fennell/John Vipond Volvo 122 T14 18 Jan Trajbold/Eva Trajboldova BMW 1800 TISA T14 19 Rob Pilcher/ Porsche 911 G11 20 Eric Leerdam/Rob van der Beek Ford Lotus Cortina T13 21 John Haugland/Ray Dale MGB G11 22 Ronnie McCartney/Martin McGrath Jaguar Mk II T15 23 Roy Lane/Colin Goler Porsche 911 G11 24 David McErlain/Andrew Merifield FordLotusCortina T13 25 Keith Bird/Tony Graham AustinMiniCooper S T12 26 Chris Chiles/Dave Mountford Austin Healey 3000 G7 27 Michael van Theil/Randall van Theil MorrisMini S T12 28 Klaus Treude/Peter Gobel Porsche 912 G10 29 Jeremy Vaughan/Simon Maurice AustinMiniCooper S T12 30 Bernard Pfaeltzer/Gottfried Burckhardt Porsche911 G11 31 Wolfgang Pfeiffer/Peter Pugge Porsche 911 G11 32 Ton Fick/Fred Vojacek Volvo PV544 T14 33 Paul Bender/Wolfgang Decker Porsche 912 G10 34 Peter Marshall/Graham Carter MGB G11 35 Arthur Senior/Philip Senior AustinMiniCooper S T12 36 Franz Ortenburg/Philip v Mecklenburg Triumph TR4 G11 37 Richard Jackson/Michael Kempley Porsche 911 G11 38 Franz Folling/Hartmut Rover Volvo 122S T14 39 Nick Whitney/Mike Hedger Ford Lotus Cortina T13 40 Magnus Wigren/Per Hageman Saab 96 Sport T11 41 Peter Knoebel/Werner Jakobsmeier Ford 20M TS T14 42 Herman Steentjes/Guus Benistant Volvo 122S T14 43 Krister Wigren/Stefan Andrys Saab 96 Sport T11 44 Victor de Ridder/Ruud Oosterbaan FordLotusCortina T13 45 Clive King/Bob Ward AustinMiniCooper S T12 46 Mike Willcox/Adrian Scadding Ford Cortina T13 47 Shinobu Katani/Aikoh Tetsuya Morris Mini Cooper T12 48 Sam Durbin/Steve Durbin Ford Cortina T12 49 Michal Sum/Pavel Kla'r Skoda 1000 MB T11 50 Christian Bauer/Michaela Riedl Steyr-Puch T11 51 Bertil Maunonen/Torgy Nystrom Saab 96 T11 52 Michael Hinde/Rogere Heale VW Beetle G4 53 James Harrison/Adrian Woodhouse Ford Zephyr T10 54 Keith Webster/Phil Kendrick Triumph TR3 G6 55 Graham Waite/Pamela Soanes Riley 1.5 T8 56 Colin Jebson/John Barber Austin A35 T1

101 Gordon Howie/Roger Bateman     MG Midget           N1   
102 Geoff Taylor/                  Sunbeam Imp Sport   N1   
103 Tony Arnold/Andrew Whitton     MGB                 N3   
104 Richard Tyzack/Mick briggs     RenaultAlpine A110  N2   
105 Paul Merryweather/Sandra Deacon Alfa Romeo Guilia  N3   
106 Iain Patterson/Ian Pratt       MGB                 N3   
107 Damon Harvey/Oliver Clark      AustinMiniCooper S  N1   
108 Peter Quinton/Bob Beales       MGB                 N3   
109 Jonathan Lord/Steven Entwhistle Ford Cortina GT    N2   
110 Tim Kemp/Stuart Cardell        Jaguar XK 140       N5   
111 Jim Murray/                    Triumph Vitesse     N3   
112 Hugh McKinnan/Alastair Muir    Porsche 911         N3   
113 /                                                  N1   
114 Peter Woodhead/Paul Woodhead   Volvo 122S          N3   
115 Richard Hudson-Evans/Rodney Spokes Austin Healey   N5   
116 Alan Jones/Richard Vaughan     MGB                 N3   
117 Clive Fidgeon/Kathy Fidgeon    Morgan Plus Four    N4   
118 Keith Wilson/Steve Curtis      Volvo PV544         N3   
119 Allen Tice/Chris Drake         Austin Healey 3000  N5   
120 Peter Robinson/Tony Pettie     Ford Lotus Cortina  N2   
121 John Speirs/Paul Rothwell      Ford Mustang        N5   
122 Ken Calder/Denny Calder        AustinMiniCooper S  N1   
123 Nigel Willcox/Vicky Martin     Hillman Imp Calif   N1   
124 Simon Wheatcroft/Nigel Chetwynd AustinMiniCooperS  N1   
125 George Tabbenor/Dennis Turner  Austin Healey 3000  N5   
126 Richard Pugh/Liz Pugh          AustinHealeySprite  N1   
127 Philippe Batault/Thomas Leriche Alfa Romeo         N2   
128 Phil Foster/Aggie Foster       Ford Anglia         N1   
129 Stephen Richards/Paul Richards MGA                 N2   
130 Paul Mankin/Nigel Bearpark     Ford Cortina GT     N2   
131 Peris Edwards/Nigel Holmes     Triumph 2000        N3   
132 Lydia Calder/Diana Wood        Morris Mini Cooper  N1   
133 Nigel Shott/Kathleen Robinson  Austin Mini Cooper  N1   
201 Charles Golding/Preston Ayres  Triumph TR7 V8     N14   
202 Eian Pritchard/Graham Handley  Ford Escort RS     N14   
203 Simon Wallis/Pat Beveridge     Triumph TR7 V8     N14   
204 Richard Martin-Hurst/Wim v Konigsveld FordEscort  N11   
205 Tim Harrison/Phil Bradley      Triumph TR7 V8     N14   
206 Stewart Palmer/Sheila Palmer   Triumph TR7 V8     N14   
207 Stev Adlem/Mark Aylward        Ford Escort Mexico N11   
208 Eric Davis/Rob Baldwin         AustinMiniClubman   N7   
209 Ray Broom/Rob Symes            Ford Escort        N11   
210 Adam Davis/James Kiernan       MGB                N11   
211 Martin Roper/                  Saab 96 V4          N9   

Issued at 00:30 on 18 Nov 94. Results by Tynemouth Computer Services

-- David James

-- David James

-- David James

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