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Historic Stock Car Racing Association

Aaron Dudley, #44 1989 Ford Thunderbird - Overall Winner - "It's a wonderful win, every time you win its wonderful. It was a good tough race, just wasn't long enough. The car was great the whole time we ran. We were just sort of saving it and riding a little bit. I was trying to save something for this man (Dale Phelon) at the end. I saw him coming. This is our fourth time coming to Watkins Glen and our first win."

Dale Phelon, #21A 1989 Ford Thunderbird - Second Place Overall -- "When we were under green it was exciting and the competition level up front was excellent I thought. I was looking forward to getting the car completely warmed up and having a race at the end, but it never developed. The car right out of the box was fantastic. We participated in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck race the last two years and we used our setup information from those. I think the only thing we did on the car was put tires on it all weekend."

John Cloud, #2 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix - Third Place Overall -- "It was such a thrill to be on this track. It's such a historic track and we love coming here with the Busch drivers today and the ARCA RE/MAX drivers yesterday. It was one of the biggest thrills of my life, that's for sure. This is our fifth time coming to Watkins Glen and we usually run the short course, which is faster."

Bill Smith, #99 1988 Buick Regal - Class B Winner - "The 99 car is sponsored by Goo Goo Clusters, which is a candy manufacturer still in business and they actually send us boxes to give to the kids at the track. The car was originally run by a gentleman, I use the word gentleman lightly, Tommy Ellis who was a champion in 1988. It's a 1988 Buick with a Chevrolet engine."

Max Sonnevil, #33 1993 Chevy Lumina - Involved In Early Race Accident -- "In the carousel, I was outside of a guy and the car just got out from underneath me. I don't know if we touched or not. Just all of a sudden it was loose. I'm fine, just mad that the car is all torn up."


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