Historic Lakeside 2000 - Group N report

Lakeside Historic 2000 - Group N Race Report On the weekend of the 16th and 17th of September, Lakeside International Raceway played host to Queensland's biggest weekend of historic circuit racing. 44 Group N Touring cars were entered in two ...

Lakeside Historic 2000 - Group N Race Report

On the weekend of the 16th and 17th of September, Lakeside International Raceway played host to Queensland's biggest weekend of historic circuit racing. 44 Group N Touring cars were entered in two divisions (22 under 3000cc's 22 over 3000cc 's) which ensured exciting racing for the large crowd gathered on both days.

Under 3000cc Qualifying

An interstate visitor in the form of Steve Land (1970 Ford Capri) claimed pole in the 15 minute session by over 8/10ths of a second from Ken Nelson (1967 Morris Cooper S). In third position was the second New South Wales visitor, Wes Anderson (1964 Alfa Romeo Ti), followed by Gary Michael (1964 Holden EH), Graham Lax (1964 Ford Cortina), Errol Stratford (1971 Ford Escort T/C), and Fred Sayers (1964 Morris Cooper S), who had the unfortunate experience of hitting the pit straight wall. However damage was minimal, and the car was ready to take the green light for the Saturday afternoon race.

In eighth was Lionel Ayres (1963 Lotus Cortina), followed by David Paterson (1972 Datsun 1600), Darren Borg (1964 Morris Cooper S), Rick Boughen (1964 Ford Falcon XM), Bill Russell (1963 Ford Anglia), and Luke Spark (1967 Morris Cooper S). In 14th was John Stratton (1964 Morris Cooper S), followed by Jeff Brazier (1962 Fiat 1500), Adam John (1969 Toyota KE II), John Kingcott (1968 Ford Cortina GT), Tom Cumpston (1965 Ford Cortina), Kev Moore (1964 Holden EH), John Sorraghan (1964 Prince Skyline) and Allan Eiseman (1970 Ford Capri) in 22nd.

Over 3000cc Qualifying

Allen Boughen (1968 Ford Falcon GT) pulled out a quickest lap of 1:01.2989 to claim pole position from John English (1972 Valiant Charger), Laurie Donaher (1969 Ford Mustang), Garry Brown (1964 Chevy Nova), Kevin Heffernan (1971 Torana XU1), Matthew Jackson (1972 Torana XU1), and Geoff McCrystal (1971 Ford Falcon GT) who suffered from clutch problems which ended his weekend prematurely.

In eighth place was Gary Jackson (1971 Holden Monaro), Greg Burrows (1972 Torana XU1), Vince Macri (1972 Torana XU1), Steve Mason (1964 Ford Mustang), Doug Westwood (1964 Ford Mustang), Don Thallon (1964 Chevy Nova), Kerry Finn (1972 Torana XU1), Mike Dyer (1972 Torana XU1), Brian Potts (1969 Holden Monaro), John Attard (1972 Torana XU1), Bill Callan (1964 Vauxhall Velox), and in 19th John Beatty (1964 Ford Mustang).

Race 1- Saturday- Scratch Race Under 3000cc

Land and Michael had the best starts, with the pair sandwiching Nelson. Land immediately pulled a gap on Nelson, who in turn left Michael behind. Sayers had a small off in the Karussell which allowed Paterson past, however Sayers was able to repass Paterson on the fourth lap. Back in the pack, Kingcott made it past Cumpston on the second lap, however fell out of the race shortly after. Also falling out of the race was Rick Boughen.

Lax was closing in on Stratford for fifth position, and was able to make it past on the second last lap. A line of cars was forming behind Stratton, which was lead by Russell, Spark, and Brazier. Sayers, once past Paterson was right onto Borg in seventh. Over the finish line it was Land, followed by Nelson, Michael, Lax, Stratford, Borg and Sayers side by side over the line, Paterson, who set his fastest ever lap of Lakeside, dipping into the 66 second bracket. In tenth was Stratton, followed by Spark, Russell, Brazier, Moore, Cumpston, John, Sorraghan, and Eiseman.

Race 2- Saturday- Scratch Race Over 3000cc

Brown in the Nova won the start, but was beaten to the Karusell by English and Boughen. Gary Jackson was the first competitor to retire, without completing a lap. Don Thallon had a strong run, first getting by Mason, and then Dyer on the fourth lap. Donaher and Heffernan were having a great race for fourth, Heffernan was quicker down the back of the course and under the Dunlop Bridge, but Donaher had the legs on the straight. In the second of the Heffernan prepared Toranas, Jackson was having a good run against Westwood for seventh, but sadly for Jackson, the car retired with 2 laps to go.

At the front of the field, Boughen was catching English. Heffernan made it past Donaher at the top of the loop, but once again the Mustang flew back past down the straight. In ninth position, Dyer was being closely followed by Finn and Macri. Onto the last lap, and Boughen was still in with a chance, however a pair of sideways moments at Hungry and through Bryan Byrt turn put paid to any aspirations.

Over the line it was English, Boughen, Brown, Donaher, Heffernan, Burrowes, Westwood, Thallon, Dyer, Finn, Macri, Beatty, Attard and Callan.

Race 3- Saturday- Scratch Race Under 3000cc

Michael and Anderson both had blinding starts, while Nelson dropped back to fourth. Lax gave the pack a big fright after a massive slide under the bridge. Luckily he kept it straight and in recovered to be in fifth position. On the second lap Nelson spun at the Karussell, but he was unfortunately cleaned up by Sayers, both Minis out for the weekend. Anderson was all over Michael, and made it past when the EH got very sideways coming onto the straight. Borg received a black flag for a just start, the stop-go penalty costing the Mini nine spots.

Two other minis of Spark and Stratton were having a good battle for seventh, but it quickly became the battle for sixth, the pair catching Russell. Michael and Eiseman were both retirements on the second last lap. Anderson caught right up to Land at the finish, but wound up second by half a second. He was followed by Lax and Paterson, who once again bettered his best ever lap time. In fifth was Brazier, followed by Russell, Spark, Stratton, John, Borg, Cumpston, Moore, Kingcott and Sorraghan.

Race 4- Saturday- Scratch Race Over 3000cc

Boughen lit up the tyres of the big Falcon, but still managed to lead the field around on the first lap. On the second lap, Beatty made it past Callan at the kink but ran wide, picking up some dirt, but continuing on unharmed.

It was a red car train at the front, Boughen leading Brown, Donaher and Heffernan. Potts and Mason were closing in on Dyer in tenth position. Once again the David versus Goliath battle between Donaher and Heffernan was on. The pair were stunning, especially through the Eastern Loop, where Heffernan had the greatest speed advantage.

At the finish it was Boughen, followed by Brown, Donaher and Heffernan; the top four were covered by 2 seconds. In fifth was Burrowes, followed by Macri, Westwood, Gary Jackson, Thallon, Dyer, Potts and Mason side by side over the finish line, then Finn and Beatty.

Race 5- Sunday- Scratch Race Under 3000cc

Michael and Anderson both had good starts, but Michael was squeezed onto the grass down to the kink and fell back through the field, however he made it back to sixth by the completion of the first lap. Going under the bridge for the first time, Stratford was passed by Lax. Paterson was able to get past Russell down the straight, while Michael received a black flag, his storming start was obviously too fast for the officials.

Borg was right onto Stratford, as the pair were within half a second for most of the race. Russell, Stratton and Brazier were all very close together, however Stratton retired on the third lap. At the front, Land and Anderson had pulled a 10 second gap on Lax, who had a lock up into Hungry. Michael, after his black flag was on a charge, from 15th position on the second lap, he made up positions on every lap.

At the finish it was Land, Anderson, Lax, Stratford, Borg, Paterson, Brazier, Russell, Spark, Michael, John, Moore, Cumpston, Kingcott, Sorraghan and Eiseman.

Race 6- Sunday- Scratch Race Over 3000cc

Brown got a good start and trailed English around on the first lap. Once again the red train had formed, with Donaher having to once again get past Heffernan after the Torana beat the Mustang off the line. Macri was onto Burrowes, and made it past on the second lap, thus making it five red cars in a row. Dyer also made a move on Finn, taking 11th on the third lap. Heffernan was now under attack from Macri, with Heffernan running wide onto the straight. Brown, under pressure from Donaher, locked up coming into the Karussell. That wasn't Brown's only problem, the Nova was starting the blow some smoke. Heffernan was able to shake off Macri momentarily to have a final go at Donaher, but it was unsuccessful.

The finishing order, English, Boughen, Brown, Donaher, Heffernan, Macri, Burrowes, Gary Jackson, Westwood, Thallon, Dyer, Finn, Potts, Mason and Beatty.

Race 7- Sunday- Jack Lacey Memorial Trophy Race

Macri made a good start, but was boxed in by the big cars ahead, but it was English who immediately jumped into a handy lead. Heffernan made it by Gary Jackson under the bridge on the first lap, and was right onto the tail of Brown. Burrowes was next onto Jackson, however he was unable to find a way around. A line of cars was forming behind Beatty, which was lead by Michael, Stratford and Lax. There was also a line of cars behind Westwood, which consisted of Macri, Thallon and Land, the leading under 3-litre car.

In second place, Donaher was coming under fire from Boughen, who eventually made it past on lap seven in the Karussell. Heffernan ran side by side with Brown in the Eastern Loop, however on the exit, he ran wide onto the dirt and lost ground. Borg was all over Paterson for 18th, and was able to make it past on the ninth lap, just before the pair were lapped. Land was able to make it past Dyer on the 10th lap for a very respectable 11th position, however the pair were to swap positions once more before the finish of the race.

At the finish, it was English, Boughen, Donaher, Heffernan and Brown, who was once again blowing a little smoke. Burrowes made up a position on the last lap, when Jackson's Monaro succumbed to overheating problems. In seventh was Westwood, followed by Macri, Thallon, Land, Dyer, Potts, Anderson, Michael, Beatty, Stratford, Lax, Borg and Paterson. In 20th was Brazier, followed by Russell, Cumpston, John, Kingcott, Finn, Spark, Sorraghan and Eiseman.

Race 8- Sunday- Invitational

Held shortly after the main race, only 11 cars were able to make the start. Borg was late, and had to wait for the field to clear from the pit lane. Boughen was out on his own, with 4 rows left empty behind him. However, taking it easy, Boughen let Land and Finn through. In fourth position, Lax was gaining on the leaders, as Land and Finn went as fast as they could, Boughen content to simply sit back and make a race out of it.

For fifth position, Spark was being harassed by Paterson, who made it past at the top of the Loop. Land also got by Finn at the loop, while everyone watched and waited for Boughen to make his move. Borg, on a charge, made it by Brazier on the third last lap. Boughen finally made a move on Finn under the bridge, however he was unable to get by Land, and graciously gave second spot back to Finn down the straight to the chequered flag. In fourth place was Lax, followed by Paterson, Spark, Borg, Brazier, Kingcott, Cumpston and Sorraghan.

By Mark Walker http://www.qrda.asn.au

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