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Historic Formula Atlantic Association Purpose & Objectives. Inaugural year - 2004     To preserve the unique history of Formula Atlantic Racing in North America.     To recognize the achievements of...

Historic Formula Atlantic Association

Purpose & Objectives.
Inaugural year - 2004

    To preserve the unique history of Formula Atlantic Racing in North America.

    To recognize the achievements of the drivers, crews, officials, car builders, sponsors and supporters of Formula Atlantic racing.

    To compile a Formula Atlantic car registry.

    To compile a complete listing of competitors of Formula Atlantic, both past and present.

    To establish a www. web site to showcase the biographies of people responsible for the success of Formula Atlantic racing, both past and present.

    To create a photographic gallery of Formula Atlantic history for unrestricted use to writers, historians, publications and fans.

    To organize race events at contemporary race venues to preserve the history and promote the continuance of Formula Atlantic racing, with the special appearance of past and present Champions.

    To create a membership body that will preserve, promote and support the aims of the Historic Formula Atlantic Association.


The "Historic Formula Atlantic Association" has had a very busy Easter weekend catching up with all the responses to our latest press release.

"General enquiries and requests for membership forms are coming in from all over North America", said Bill Brack, "people who drove in the Series, crew members, even people currently working with the Toyota Atlantic Series 2004 race programme".

"The goal of creating a central depositary of Formula Atlantic history, is becoming more than just an idea, as a lot of the replies we have received contain offers of sending us photographs and memorabilia for our future web site", stated Brack. "That is one of the most important challenges we have to overcome. We know that photos and stories are out there, we just have to get in touch with the people who have them".

"Our biggest hurdle right now is to get our membership programme well and truly on it's way, in order to buy equipment, computers, scanners, etc, that we require for the processing of information, both for our race events programme and the web site." Concluded Bill Brack.

The HFAA is now actively looking for drivers and cars for their first race at the "Grand Prix du Trois-Rivieres" on 1st August , 2004. Interested parties should contact the HFAA by e-mail, or phone as listed below.

People interested in membership, sponsorship, or an active role in the "Historic Formula Atlantic Association" should direct their enquiries to Bill Brack at - HistoricAtlantic@sympatico.ca or call 416-751-8975.

Grand Prix du Trois-Rivieres.

The "Historic Formula Atlantic Association" will be taking part in the 35th Anniversary of the Grand Prix du Trois-Rivieres.

Race information:

The event will take place on July 30, 31 and August 01, 2004.
Exhibition Grounds, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.

Track time:

130 minutes - two (2) practice sessions on Friday, 20 min. each. One 20 min. practice session on Saturday, one qualifying session on Saturday, 20 min. One warm - up session on Sunday, 15 min. The race will be on Sunday, the race will be 25 laps, or 35 min. maximum time limit.

A podium presentation will take place following the race.

Event information:

A hospitality tent for 45 people will be provided, cost of meals and refreshments to be decided at a later date, dependant on number of entries, sponsor's guests, etc attending.

Race will be held at 11.20 am. Sunday August 01, 2004, last race of the morning, prior to the lunch break, and consist of 25 laps or 35 minutes.

People interested in attendance, or an active role in the first "Historic Formula Atlantic Association" event should direct their enquiries to J. Johnston at - HistoricAtlantic@sympatico.ca


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