A look back at the 2014 Silverstone Classic

Did you miss the 2014 Silverstone Classic? You have to go in 2015.

If you’re not familiar with the Silverstone Classic it’s a great shame, and if you’ve never been, put it on your list of things you need to do in 2015. The Classic is a three day event, where you’ll wander amongst like-minded petrol heads, enjoy the wonderful enthusiasm of some famous motoring clubs, and see hundreds of fantastic ‘classic’ cars.

This year’s attendance was the biggest in the Silverstone Classic’s 24 year history, with 92,000 spectators enjoying the sights and sounds of some of the world’s finest pieces of engineering. 

Many of these cars stem from an era before software based engine management systems and digital paraphernalia. These cars represent engineering in the raw; combustion engines and man’s superhuman attempts to tame raw combustion power into four wheels.

The Classic celebrated 50 years of the Ford Mustang, which must have been a big reason behind the huge crowds. The Mustang is the archetypal muscle car coming from an era of beefy American sports coupes which included brands like Dodge, Chevrolet and Pontiac.

100 years of Maserati

The event also marked Maserati’s centenary, and the coincidence of two such prominent birthdays at one of the world’s great motoring spectacles was a sight to behold. The Classic was previously awarded the hugely prestigious ‘Motorsport Event of the Year Award’ and for good reason.  

Milling amongst likeminded petrol heads, attendees have ample opportunity to discuss cars, have a drink and enjoy the food stalls in three wonderfully social days. The car clubs are a great chance to meet kindred spirits, with the MG Owners Club, the Austin Healey Club, and the Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain, all in attendance.

With numbers of classic cars dwindling over time, as the cars age, it becomes harder to find specific models of cars. While the increase of second hand car websites offering high end cars has helped avid fans finding the model they want, this hasn’t stopped clubs such as BMW, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus and Mercedes being present at events to tempt visitors at the Silverstone classic.

It’s exactly this motor racing fraternity that forms the essence of the Silverstone Classic; enthusiasts from the world over who are united in their appreciation of the sheer human endeavour involved in motor mechanics. This year’s show was rated as highly as any there’s ever been, and we can only hope the type of coverage offered by ITV4 will be extended across other networks next year.   

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