The Making of the Triple Eight: Project Sandman Tribute Edition Holden V8 Supercar


The Triple Eight Project Sandman Tribute Edition is the product of the combination of one idea, an Australian motoring icon, six months of blood, sweat and tears and one V8 Supercar team.

Born out of the Triple Eight Race Engineering stable in Brisbane, Australia, the vehicle is a one-off concept with a twist. With equal parts tribute and racing technology, the Triple Eight Project Sandman Tribute Edition is a two-seater, 700HP beast, with more power, straight-line speed and technology than your standard V8 Supercar.

Taking influence from the pinnacles of modern motorsport, Project Sandman uses an F1-inspired paddle shift gear box and fly by wire throttle system ensuring that the vehicle continues to push the boundaries of Australia's premier motorsports category, V8 Supercars. Project Sandman is capable of reaching speeds of over 300km/h while maintaining the pure thrill and adrenaline rush of a Red Bull Racing Australia V8 Supercar.

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