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Most recently uploaded Supercars photos:

Mark Skaife finished behind team mate Todd Kelly during qualifying Todd Kelly on his way to provisional pole
Marcos Ambrose out to win the round and possibly the championship
Jason Bright grabbed 7th during qualifying
Russell Ingall took the round Greg Murphy takes the race ahead of Russell Ingall and Steven Johnson
Greg Murphy finished second overall
Steven Richards finished on the podium
Paul Dumbrell runs wide for no apparent reason The cause of the spin
Dale Brede spins
Greg Murphy retains the lead
After spending time in the garage Marcos Ambrose resumed racing Rick Kelly couldn't start his car after spinning
Racing resumed, only briefly
Greg Murphy at the hair pin Anthony Tratt wasn't the only one to spin at the hair pin
David Besnard takes the lead after front runners pitted Safety car on the circuit
The first of several safety cars to hit the track Jason Richards and Jason Bargwanna down the front straight
Todd Kelly being hounded by Greg Murphy Marcos Ambrose dropped back through the field
Paul Dumbrell being hassled by Paul Weel and Mark Skaife Todd Kelly moved to second after passing brother Rick Kelly
The field gets of the grid without incident Marcos Ambrose gets away from Rick Kelly
Drivers head out for race three Celebrations
Russell Ingall is all smiles
Marcos Ambrose takes the chequered flag David Besnard back on track after spinning
Greg Murphy on pit straight Jason Bright after serving his drive through penalty
Mark Winterbottom in action
Russell Ingall and Paul Morris battle for track position Owen Kelly approaching the hair pin
Marcos Ambrose approaching the hair pin Steven Richards and Simon Wills in action
Brothers Rick Kelly and Todd Kelly
Back markers Dale Brede and Craig Baird Greg Murphy keeps Russell Ingall at bay
Paul Weel caught out wide
The Kelly brothers chasing MarcosAmbrose
Jason Bargwanna along the back straight The tail of the field
Marcos Ambrose gets off the line Newcomer Alex Davison follows the field during the warm up