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WPS/WOW RACING WITHDRAWS FROM V8 SUPERCARS WPS/WOW Racing team owner Craig Gore has announced that his team has withdrawn from the V8 Supercar Championship Series because of personal business and health commitments. The Gold Coast-based ...


WPS/WOW Racing team owner Craig Gore has announced that his team has withdrawn from the V8 Supercar Championship Series because of personal business and health commitments.

The Gold Coast-based businessman has sold his two Team Licence Agreements to undisclosed parties with the blessing of the Touring Car Entrants Group of Australia (TEGA) and the team's cars and equipment are to be sold separately.

Gore will remain involved in V8 Supercars, with his financial services group Wright Patton Shakespeare continuing as naming-rights sponsor of the WPS Chrysler V8 Supercar Safety Car program for the next five years.

Gore also remains committed to his Team Australia motorsport program and driver Will Power in the Champ Car World Series in the United States, where Team Australia is backed by Gore's Australian wine export company Aussie Vineyards and its Au brand. Gore also has significant involvement in the Gold Coast Indy 300 event each October as an event sponsor.

Gore has sighted two clear reasons for his decision to withdraw his V8 Supercar team from competition -- his increasing commitment to the continued growth of his businesses, especially the financial services group Wright Patton Shakespeare, as well as his own health.

Gore suffered an inner-ear injury in his helicopter in October 2007 and while he continues to recover well from that injury and the subsequent operation, the 41-year-old still needs to avoid the constant loud noises of an environment such as a race track.

"It's been an exciting journey and I would like to think that we did it our own way at WPS Racing over the past four seasons," said Gore.

"Operating a successful team in this sport is an enormous challenge. When we started this team back in 2004 I underestimated the time required to run a team that could win races on a consistent basis.

"With my business interests absorbing more and more of my time and my doctor continually in my one good ear telling me how important it is to look after myself, I just cannot dedicate the time and effort required to mould our operation into a race-winning V8 Supercar team. It is my belief that if you are not in this game to win races, then you shouldn't be around.

"The sport of V8 Supercar racing is an extraordinary sport and I will continue to be passionate about its growth and success. Wright Patton Shakespeare will continue as the naming rights sponsor of the WPS Chrysler Safety Car program.

"I am proud of what we achieved in a short amount of time and believe there have only been a couple of other organisations who have managed to build their brand as successfully as we have through our V8 Supercar involvement.

"I was also pleased that we could give so many young drivers a chance to experience what it is like to drive a V8 Supercar.

"I have to thank the core group of people that have been involved with our team over the past four seasons. Their loyalty and dedication have inspired me and I am truly grateful for their efforts and friendship.

"We have also been involved with some tremendous corporate partners over our four years including everyone at WOW Sight and Sound and Chrysler who have enjoyed going racing the WPS way.

"Our fan group has also grown from year to year and has been tremendously committed and a lot of fun to have around.

"Both our drivers (Max Wilson and Jason Bargwanna) are contracted, but the terms and conditions of those agreements are confidential and will be worked through accordingly."

Gore said he had negotiated with several parties to purchase his licences, but a deal could not be reached until today.

"Negotiations dragged out longer than I wanted, hence the late announcement of our withdrawal," said Gore.

Gore is currently working on other plans that involve the grassroots of Australian motorsport to play a supporting role to his Team Australia program.


WPS Racing made its debut in the V8 Supercar Championship Series in 2004 and competed in the series for four seasons. David Besnard claimed a race win for the team at Symmons Plains in Tasmania in 2004 and last season Max Wilson and Jason Bargwanna clinched the team's best Bathurst finish with seventh place.

The best championship result for the team was Bargwanna's 14th place in 2006 championship ahead of Brazilian driver Wilson in 15th. Last season saw Wilson and Bargwanna finish 17th and 18th respectively in the V8 Supercar Championship Series standings.

WPS/WOW Racing Driver Roll Call 2004 - 2007

Mark Noske (2004)
David Besnard (2004 - 2006)
John McIntyre (2004)
Charlie O'Brien (2004)
Alex Yoong (2004)
Neil McFadyen (2004)
Owen Kelly (2004)
Craig Baird (2005 - 2006)
Marcus Marshall (2005)
Alex Tagliani (2005)
Jason Bargwanna (2006 - 2007)
Max Wilson (2006 - 2007)
Michael Caruso (2007)
Grant Denyer (2007)

-credit: wps/wow

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