Winton Team Betta race notes

Team Betta Electrical experienced a disappointing round 8 at Winton Raceway this weekend, with the performance of both car 65 and 66 falling short of expectations. Although the team worked late into the night last night modifying the ...

Team Betta Electrical experienced a disappointing round 8 at Winton Raceway this weekend, with the performance of both car 65 and 66 falling short of expectations.

Although the team worked late into the night last night modifying the cars suspension in search of finding front-end grip in the corners, success eluded them today.

Team owner John Briggs stated we tested both cars at Queensland Raceway with the new suspension modifications and picked up around two tenths of second per lap, with the cars handing much better and considered we had turned the corner in relation to the cars improved handling, only to come here to Winton and find that our achievements in respect of handling does not relate to this circuit, it is most frustrating indeed ­ he said.

Race one of 32 laps saw both cars placed midfield without major incident in what was an exciting race for the record crowd.

Max Wilson drove a good race, although lacked the speed and handling to catch the front-runners.

Lap 26 saw Paul Radisich in the Shell Helix Falcon duelling with Wilson for an entire lap before managing to pass and move one spot up on Wilson towards the closing stages of the race.

Longhurst in car 66 could not make any headway on the leading cars in the race and had to be content with defending his position and coming home in 20th position, with Max Wilson just two positions ahead in 18th position.

Race two the second 32 lap V8 Supercar event for the day got off to flying start with Ambrose in the Pirtek Falcon taking over the lead from Jason Bright on lap 6.

Both Team Betta Electrical cars maintained their positions with an early rash of quick pit stops for some of the teams.

Both Team Betta cars came in to the pits on lap12, Wilson in car 65 for his mandatory tyre change and Longhurst in car 66 with the gearbox jammed in third gear, the team worked quickly to release the selectors seeing Longhurst away again with minimal time lost.

Lap 15 saw Wilson¹s car experience a blown front tyre requiring him to negotiate two thirds of the circuit on the rim in order to return to the pits and have a replacement fitted.

Wilson rejoined the race only to be black flagged for speeding in Pit Lane and was required to return for a drive through penalty, resulting in dropping further positions.

Both cars were positioned well back in the field for the duration of the race, with Max Wilson in car 65 finishing the race in 29th position and Tony Longhurst in Car 66 Finishing behind Wilson in 30th position.

The team experienced a very frustrating weekend said Tony, just when you think you have turned the corner on development, you experience a weekend like this, and it¹s one you would rather forget, still that¹s motor racing ­ he said

1: Jason Bright (Holden) - 32 Laps
2: Marcos Ambrose (Ford)
3: Todd Kelly (Holden)
4: Mark Skaife (Holden)
5: Greg Murphy (Holden)
6: Garth Tander (Holden)
7: Rick Kelly (Holden)
8: John Bowe (Ford)
9: Russell Ingall (Holden)
10: Brad Jones (Ford)
11: David Besnard (Ford)
12: Steve Richards (Holden)
13: Neil Crompton (Ford)
14: Larry Perkins (Holden)
15: Cameron McLean (Ford)
16: Rodney Forbes (Ford)
17: Paul Radisich (Ford)
18: Max Wilson (Ford)
19: John Faulkner (Holden)
20: Tony Longhurst (Ford)
21: Craig Baird (Holden)
22: Jason Bargwanna (Holden)
23: Jason Richards (Holden)
24: Cameron McConville (Holden)
25: Craig Lowndes (Ford)
26: Glenn Seton (Ford)
27: Steve Johnson (Ford)
28: Mark Larkham (Ford)
29: Steve Owen (Ford)
30: Steve Ellery (Ford)
31: Wayne Wakefield (Holden)
32: Paul Romano (Holden) - 31 Laps
33: Dugal McDougal (Holden)
34: Paul Weel (Ford)
DNF: Paul Morris (Holden) - 28 Laps
DNF: Anthony Tratt (Ford) - 0 Laps

1: Jason Bright (Holden) - 32 Laps
2: Todd Kelly (Holden)
3: Greg Murphy (Holden)
4: Marcos Ambrose (Ford)
5: Garth Tander (Holden)
6: Russell Ingall (Holden)
7: Steve Richards (Holden)
8: David Besnard (Ford)
9: Mark Skaife (Holden)
10: Brad Jones (Ford)
11: John Bowe (Ford)
12: Jason Bargwanna (Holden)
13: Rick Kelly (Holden)
14: Craig Baird (Holden)
15: Rodney Forbes (Fords)
16: Paul Morris (Holden)
17: Larry Perkins (Holden)
18: Neil Crompton (Ford)
19: Cameron McLean (Ford)
20: Jason Richards (Holden)
21: Glenn Seton (Ford)
22: Paul Romano (Holden)
23: Steve Ellery (Ford)
24: Mark Larkham (Ford)
25: Dugal McDugal (Ford)
26: Cameron McConville (Holden)
27: Steve Owen (Ford)
28: Wayne Wakefield (Holden) - 30 Laps
29: Max Wilson (Ford)
30: Tony Longhurst (Ford) - 29 Laps
31: Anthony Tratt (Ford)
32: Paul Weel (Ford)
33: Steve Johnson (Ford) - 26 Laps
DNF: Paul Radisich (Ford) - 19 Laps
DNF: Craig Lowndes (Ford) - 7 Laps
DNF: John Faulkner (Holden) - 0 Laps

1: Jason Bright (Holden) 200
2: Todd Kelly (Holden) 144
3: Marcos Ambrose (Ford) 132
4: Greg Murphy (Holden) 108
5: Garth Tander (Holden) 84
6: Mark Skaife (Holden) 82
7: Russell Ingall (Holden) 70
8: Steve Richards (Holden) 60
9: David Besnard (Ford) 58
10: John Bowe (Ford) 58

1: Mark Skaife (Holden) 1775
2: Jason Bright (Holden) 1096
3: Greg Murphy (Holden) 1002
4: Marcos Ambrose (Ford) 946
5: Todd Kelly (Holden) 941
6: Steve Richards (Holden) 791
7: Craig Lowndes (Ford) 722
8: Garth Tander (Holden) 643
9: David Besnard (Ford) 619
10: Russell Ingall (Holden) 556
12: Tony Loghurst (Ford) 503
29: Max Wilson (Ford) 189

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