Winton Round 5 Race Results

-- Shell Australian Touring Car Championship -- -- Round 5, Winton, Victoria -- -- Privateers Dash -- 1st Anthony Tratt Toll Exprss Ford Falcon EL 2nd Gary Quartly Gearbox Holden Commodore VS 3rd Chris Smerdon Vittorio Holden Commodore...

-- Shell Australian Touring Car Championship -- -- Round 5, Winton, Victoria --

-- Privateers Dash --

 1st Anthony Tratt  Toll Exprss Ford Falcon EL
 2nd Gary Quartly  Gearbox Holden Commodore VS
 3rd Chris Smerdon  Vittorio Holden Commodore VS
 4th Mike Imrie  Saabwreck Holden Commodore VS
 5th Rod Nash  Hiretek Holden Commodore VS
 6th Steve Reed  Lansvale Smash Repairs Holden Commodore VS
 7th Melinda Price  Castrol Cougars Holden Commodore VS
 8th Peter Doulman  M3 Motorsport Holden Commodore VS
 9th Simon Emerzidis  Simon's Earthworks Holden Commodore VS
10th Michael Donaher  Ultra Tune Holden Commodore VS
11th Kevin Heffernan  Price Attack Holden Commodore VS
12th Danny Osborne  Colourscan Holden Commodore VS
13th Greg Crick  Ericsson / Trust Bank Holden Commodore VS
14th Barry Morcom  Campbelltown Plasta Masta Holden Commodore VP
15th Charles Ryman  Landmark Place Ford Falcon EL

-- Race 1 --

1st Russell Ingall Castrol Holden Commodore VS 2nd John Bowe Shell Helix Ford Falcon EL 3rd Larry Perkins Castrol Holden Commodore VS 4th Craig Lowndes Mobil HRT Holden Commodore VS 5th Tony Longhurst Castrol Ford Falcon EL 6th Mark Skaife Mobil HRT Holden Commodore VS 7th Jason Bargwanna Valvoline Holden Commodore VS 8th Jason Bright Pirtek Ford Falcon EL 9th Steven Johnson Drive For Life Ford Falcon EL 10th Dick Johnson Shell Helix Ford Falcon EL 11th Glenn Seton Ford Credit Ford Falcon EL 12th John Faulkner Betta Stores / Fisher & Paykel Holden Commodore VS 13th Alan Jones Komatsu Ford Falcon EL 14th Steve Ellery Konica Young Lions Holden Commodore VS 15th Mark Larkham Mitre 10 Ford Falcon EL 16th Terry Finnigan Sony Autosound Holden Commodore VS (top level 2) 17th Darren Pate Wynns Holden Commodore VS 18th Paul Romano Holden Commodore VS 19th Garth Tander Valvoline Holden Commodore VS 20th Tratt (top privateer) 21st Darren Hossack Wynns Holden Commodore VS 22nd Nash 23rd Mal Rose Fairfax Community Classifieds Holden Commodore VS 24th Smerdon 25th Reed 26th Crick 27th Paul Weel Tradelink Ford Falcon EL 28th Doulman 29th Heffernan 30th Osborne 31st Donaher 32nd Emerzidis 33rd Quartly

-- Race 2 --

1st Bowe 2nd Ingall 3rd Lowndes 4th Perkins 5th Skaife 6th Longhurst 7th Dick Johnson 8th Romano (top level 2) 9th Bright 10th Faulkner 11th Hossack 12th Ellery 13th Tander 14th Seton 15th Larkham 16th Smerdon 17th Tratt 18th Reed 19th Crick 20th Rose 21st Nash 22nd Price 23rd Doulman 24th Quartly 25th Emerzidis 26th Donaher

-- Race 3 --

1st Bowe 2nd Skaife 3rd Ingall 4th Longhurst 5th Dick Johnson 6th Romano (top level 2) 7th Bright 8th Ellery 9th Seton 10th Steven Johnson 11th Bargwanna 12th Hossack 13th Jones 14th Pate 15th Weel (top privateer) 16th Tander 17th Perkins 18th Reed 19th Rose 20th Nash 21st Crick 22nd Smerdon 23rd Doulman 24th Donaher 25th Quartly 26th Price

-- Points -- Bowe 116, Ingall 110, Skaife 94, Longhurst 90, Dick Johnson 76, Bright & Perkins 72, Lowdnes 66, Romano 56, Ellery & Seton 52, Bargwanna 44, Steven Johnson 42, Faulkner 36, Hossack 34, Jones 28, Tander 24, Larkham 20, Pate 18, Weel 10, Finnigan, Reed & Smerdon 8, Tratt 7, Rose 3, Crick 2, Nash 1

-- Privateers -- Reed & Smerdon 100, Rose 98, Nash 96, Crick 90, Tratt 76, Doulman 74, Weel 66, Donaher 60, Quartly 58, Price 46, Emerzidis 36, Heffernan 22, Osborne 20

-- Standings -- Ingall 504, Lowndes 500, Bowe 424, Perkins 422, Skaife 406, Dick Johnson 340, Bright 334, Longhurst 330, Seton 324, Bargwanna 268, Romano 204, Steven Richards 188, Larkham 184, Faulkner 158, Ellery 140, Jones 133, Hossack 118, Finnigan 107, Steven Johnson 82, Crick 60, Trevor Ashby 58, Tander 51, Pate 50, Mark Poole 48, Tomas Mezera 44, Reed 41, Smerdon 36, Weel & Doulman 26, John Briggs 24, Rose 23, Ray Hislop 20, Kerryn Brewer 14, Osborne 12, Tratt 11, Ryan Mcleod 10, Price & Heffernan 8, Mork 4, Nash 3

-- Privateers -- Ashby/Reed 512, Smerdon/Mezera 406, Rose 368, Price/Brewer 348, Weel 344, Crick 250, Nash 242, Cotter/Doulman 176, McLeod/Conway 162, D'arcy Russell 152, Osborne 148, Heffernan 146, Briggs 128, Tratt 112, Emerzidis & Willmington 102, Hislop 96, Donaher, Imrie & Quartly 60, Mork 52, Wayne Russell 38

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