Winterbottom/Lowndes Bathurst clash may carry over to Surfers Paradise

The Winterbottom and Lowndes feud could reignite on the Gold Coast.

Due to the spectacular finish in this year's Bathurst 1000, the contact between Mark Winterbottom and Craig Lowndes following the final restart was overlooked by many. Frosty, as Winterbottom is commonly called, is known for feuding with the other Red Bull driver ... Jamie Whincup.

"He (Lowndes) is one of the most aggressive drivers I have come up against ... He gets away with a bit because of his smile.

Winterbottom on Lowndes' aggression

But now it's the likable veteran Lowndes in his crosshairs. Frosty was passed by Whincup as they battled for the lead towards the end of the race and as he prepared to line him up for a move, he got nailed. Suddenly, the Ford Falcon vanished into a cloud of smoke with the camouflaged Holden of Lowndes being the first to emerge from the chaos.

Lowndes was promptly penalized, ending his shot at Australia's greatest motorsport prize. Winterbottom had some interesting things to say this past week to the Daily Telegraph regarding the contact that dashed his Bathurst dreams.

Lowndes escapes criticism due to his friendly nature off the track

He claims that although Lowndes seems friendly off track, he is ruthless behind the wheel.

"He has a good nature off the track so it gets overlooked a bit. He gets away with a bit because of his smile. But he is aggressive and races hard, probably harder than anyone. He looks so happy and everyone loves him so he doesn’t get blamed for a lot.’’ 

"He is one of the most aggressive drivers I have come up against," Winterbottom concluded.

Not buying his excuse

Although he wouldn't outright say it, the FPR star is less than convinced by Lowndes' explanation, who said that the glare from the sun impaired his vision. Winterbottom called the excuse 'interesting.'

"I mean he raced at the 12 hour, he does every year, and he had no issues with visibility or the sun then.

Winterbottom ended it with a statement that could be taken as a prediction or perhaps a warning ... Interpret as you will. "I'm sure we will run into each other again. It creates controversy and I reckon there is still plenty to come.’’

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