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Whincup fined $2000 for post-race bungle

Jamie Whincup has been hit with a $2000 fine for pulling up on the front straight, rather than in pitlane, after winning today's Supercars race in Townsville.

Jamie Whincup, Triple Eight Race Engineering Holden

Whincup unknowingly disobeyed the post-race procedure after securing a 6.8s win this afternoon, thanks to a combination of a lack of radio communication with his garage, and confusion over whether the chequered flag had been waved on the last lap.

As a result he completed and additional lap at speed to ensure the race was finished, and then pulled up on the front straight when the podium presentation was taking place in pitlane.

The bungle has yielded a $2000, half of which is suspended until December 31.

"Following a post-race race director investigation and an admission by car #88, Jamie Whincup, of a breach of the end of race procedures for Race 19, the stewards imposed a fine of $2000 on car #88, Jamie Whincup, $1,000 of which is suspended until 31 December 2020," read the stewards report.

Whincup explained the mishap from his perspective after the race.

"On what was the lap was the last lap, the flag marshal had the flag in his hand, and he was having a chat to his mate, and the flag never came out," he said.

"And had no comms to say it was the end of the race. The only thing that was in my head was my father saying 'keep racing until you see the chequered flag...'

"I finally got the chequered flag the next lap, and I still had no comms, so I took a bit of a guess [on the podium procedure]. I remember Darwin 1 we were in pitlane, and there was bit of uproar over COVID, so they changed it to out on the track, away from as many people as possible. 

"I thought it must be on the grid again. But they decided to change it back to pitlane."

The stewards didn't dish out any fines for the Lap 1, Turn 2 melee, however, having not been able to determine that any driver was wholly responsible for the pile-up.

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