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Brutal Weekend For Team BOC

#8 Team BOC: Jason Bright
#8 Team BOC: Jason Bright

Photo by: Chris Von Wieldt

Slow punctures, stewards' penalties and, ultimately, a spinning car made the Gold Coast weekend one to forget for Team BOC.

International co-driver Stephane Sarrazin was pushed into the wall off the start of today's race and the resulting slow puncture and steering damage saw him spear off a few laps later.

Lead driver Jason Bright jumped into the car on lap 42 just as a safety car was called. It picked him up just as he exited pit lane putting the team two laps down.

Protocol for a restart states that any car more than one lap down should drive through the pits to avoid getting in the way. Bright was unaware, however, and subsequently issued a drive-through penalty.

In a fitting end to a miserable day, a stranded Gianni Morbidelli was instructed by stewards to flick his WesTrac-sponsored car around just as Bright rounded the blind corner. The resulting contact put Bright out of the race.

The V8s head across Bass Straight for the Falken Tasmanian Challenge next month from November 11-13.

Jason Bright
Team BOC
"Seeing the WesTrac car coming towards me was a bit of a shock; You don't expect someone to be coming around the corner at you. There were double yellow flags out so I went through there very cautiously but it's just something that should never happen. Apparently the official there was waving him through but obviously the road wasn't clear. The safety car was already out; they should have waited until the whole train was behind it before they got him to move.

"There are plenty of reasons to have a crack at the stewards this weekend; the list is endless. We've got to do something about it because they're making a joke of our sport.

"Obviously we need to improve our cars; they're just not fast enough at the moment. We keep on getting knocked but we will regroup and go to Tassie in a couple of weeks. We had a good result there last year, but ever since Winton we've been having dramas here and there, plus a couple more penalties than anyone else. We'll go to Tassie and put these last few rounds behind us."

Stéphane Sarrazin
Team BOC Co-Driver
"A car hit me in the wall at the start and I had a slow puncture. I went off down the slip road because of the flat tyre. It was not so exciting a race like yesterday for me.

"The car was very difficult to drive. I had a big vibration on the front but my personal average was not too bad; very consistent. But it was a very tough weekend with the car. When you're not happy with the balance here you lose many places.

"I would want to come back for sure. I like to be with Jason. He's a very cool guy and very fast. It could be good if we do one good race in the future because I enjoyed working with him now and in the past."

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