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Albert Park

Garth Tander (#2 Toll HRT Commodore VE II – 1st)

“We complain about understeer and oversteer and the battle we have on our hands but that is nothing. I think today’s story was Jason, there’s no more to it.

“Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t going to give him the win and he would have kicked my arse if he did. We all know why he is here racing this weekend and know why he is doing it. In saying that I don’t think he would want us to give him the win.”

Jason Richards (#14 Team BOC Commodore VE II – 2nd)

“For some reason, I seem to be performing better with cancer in me! I’ve got a massive battle on my hands. My cancer is not getting any better. I’m off chemotherapy, so shortly I’ll have my hair back.

“I’m on a break from treatment, I’ve just gone on a new trial drug on Monday from Sydney. I’m just praying like hell that I’ve got the actual active drug. Chemo definitely knocks you around. I still managed to do some test days after the chemo to keep myself active. I think that’s a big part of this treatment and that’s the mental part, and that’s what I’m doing this weekend.

“I’m not as race fit as these lads. I’ve been out of the chair for six race meetings, and I was eating ice cubes back there for a week! It’s not really good pre-season fitness.

“This really is my couple of little weekends in a row where I’m having a normal life. This is definitely not my comeback. This is purely me having fun, me being able to have fun.”

Alex Davison (#4 IRWIN Falcon FG – 3rd)

“When I got out in front to lead the race I could tell we'd improved the IRWIN Ford, but it wasn’t quite enough. I was expecting to get swamped by 15 odd guys at the end of the race, so I was surprised it was only Garth (Tander) that came past.

“Jason (Richards) had heaps of speed on the soft tyres, he reeled me in on that first stint, I was really surprised at how much faster he was, he did a great job. I pushed as hard as I could, expecting guys like Jamie (Whincup) and Rick (Kelly) to catch me up at the end. Luckily they weren’t able to.

“It was a great result, I shouldn't be too fussy. I'm too competitive I think. The rest of the year I'd give my left arm to come third, now I am disappointed I couldn’t go better.”

Jamie Whincup (#88 TeamVodafone Commodore VE II – 4th)

“The car crept forward over the line during my starting sequence. I stopped and then it completely threw me, I smoked the tyres, got bogged down and made a mess of the start.

“The flu virus I have got certainly had an impact during the race and I am definitely not feeling 100% right now. I enjoyed the last lap battle with Rick, particularly racing to the line.”

Rick Kelly (#15 Jack Daniel’s Commodore VE II – 5th)

“I’m a bit disappointed to finish fifth to be honest. We were racing around Garth (Tander) but we had a couple of dramas with the car in the last few laps, which cost us time.

“Early on there my Jack Daniel’s Commodore was good. I jumped Jamie (Whincup) off the line and he drilled me a couple of times trying to get past like he normally does, then again the same at the end of the race there. I blocked him but he still ended up sneaking past us over the line, which is disappointing. ??

“It just shows that we have some more work to do to get a bit more pace out of the car and also more pace out of me as a driver.”

Craig Lowndes (#888 TeamVodafone Commodore VE II – 6th)

“Despite what I said yesterday my starts are not quite up to scratch yet. The car is amazing this weekend and it was really good on both the hard and soft tyres.

“I loved being out there today. I just wish it was 10 laps longer, I felt like I was just warming up after the pitstop.”

Tim Slade (#47 Lucky 7 Falcon FG – 7th)

“We set a goal today to finish top 10 so we’re really happy with the result. Wes (McDougall, engineer) and the boys did a great job with the car an considering we ran probably our worst set of hard tyres I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s race. We had the second fastest lap of the race today and were quick yesterday before things went wrong in the pits so we’re looking good for tomorrow – actually I couldn’t have asked for a better car.”

Shane van Gisbergen (#9 SP Tools Falcon FG – 10th)

“We salvaged a result today but my race was ruined from the opening lap after being tagged. The car was pretty well bent after that so to walk away with 10th today is probably a little bit lucky.”

Todd Kelly (#7 Jack Daniel’s Commodore VE II – 17th)

“The first lap was completely different to yesterday. The track was blocked and cars filled it from side to side in the first few corners so I couldn’t lunge in and pick up any spots.

“So I kind of had to pluck everyone off one by one. By the time I got past the first few, the field had spread out way too much.

“I had to really use the car hard to catch and pass people, but try to look after the tyres at the same time, which is pretty hard to do.

“We made up as many spots as we could but if we have had a start like we did yesterday on the first lap we would have got up a lot further, but it wasn't possible today.”

Mark Winterbottom (#5 Orrcon Steel FPR Falcon – 22nd)

Tweeted: “Great start running 5th pitted and had a cross threaded wheel nut costing me 23 positions. Thankfully not a championship round!”

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