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Turbo Healing Puts Wall Back On Track

#21 Fair Dinkum Sheds Racing: Karl Reindler
#21 Fair Dinkum Sheds Racing: Karl Reindler

Photo by: Chris Von Wieldt

Fifteen weeks after breaking his left foot in a work accident David Wall was back behind the wheel of a V8 Supercar at Phillip Island today.

The Fair Dinkum Sheds racing co-driver wore a plaster cast for six weeks followed by an 'air boot' for a further six in a bid to speed his recovery in time for the 2011 V8 endurance races.

Despite saying his foot was 'probably a seven out of ten,' Wall put in a great opening performance today to finish 18th in his practice session.

Lead driver, Karl Reindler, was hindered by oil on the track in the third and final practice session of the day and the pair finished 21st overall.

Qualifying for the L&H 500 starts at 11.25am.

David Wall

Fair Dinkum Sheds Racing
"We didn't do much running in P2 because we had an issue with the steering rack not being quite centred. I did an older tyre run, which gave us some direction for P3 and it all seemed to behave as we thought it would.

"My foot is probably about a seven out of ten at the moment. By the end of the day I've had enough. I've got the broken part strapped up but the rest of it hasn't worked for 15 weeks and it's only just starting to free up. I've tried to spread the load but over a long run you feel it towards the end. Luckily it's the clutch pedal foot so the most it hurts is going out the pits."

Karl Reindler

Fair Dinkum Sheds Racing
"I don't know where we are with the car at the moment. We wanted to put on a set of greens but with the oil on the track there was no point. I jumped in the car just as the oil went down and never really got a good reading of the car. Dave seems pretty happy though and we were definitely honing in on a good set-up before then.

"The car feels like it's on a bit of a knife edge at the moment through the fast stuff. I'm not sure if it's the mechanics or the wind. It's a bit choppy out there. You go through an aero corner in fifth gear and the wind pushes you wide!"

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