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Stokell Stretches Nations Cup Lead as Pretty Falters at Eastern Creek Paul Stokell stretched his lead in the 2004 Australian Nations Cup Championship with another two wins in his Lamborghini Diablo at Eastern Creek circuit, near Sydney, ...

Stokell Stretches Nations Cup Lead as Pretty Falters at Eastern Creek

Paul Stokell stretched his lead in the 2004 Australian Nations Cup Championship with another two wins in his Lamborghini Diablo at Eastern Creek circuit, near Sydney, yesterday.

Stokell's quest for a second straight also was aided by the misfortune of his chief rival Nathan Pretty, whose Holden Monaro broke down on the way to victory in the second of two scheduled races.

Pretty's first-ever Nations Cup pole on Saturday was no compensation for bitter disappointment -- the revised round format meant each heat carried 50 percent more points than usual, compounding Stokell's gain and Pretty's loss.

With three rounds still to run, Stokell has 422 points and has opened the lead over Pretty from 34 points to 88.

Stokell also pushed his tally as the most successful driver in Nations Cup to 43 wins.

The GT class 6.0 V12 Diablo and 7.0 litre V8 Monaro appeared closely matched throughout the weekend.

An in-form Pretty stormed to the lead in race one as Stokell uncharacteristically slipped to fourth spot, behind James Brock (Monaro) and David Stevens (Porsche GT2), by the second corner.

Stokell said later he was battling understeer, but he was soon back on the Monaro's tail and the pair staged an entertaining contest for seven laps, until the Lamborghini slipped by at the hairpin two laps from the finish.

James Brock dropped off the pace with a loose front spoiler on the new Monaro, but still managed to finish third.

In the Trophy class, James Koundouris put aside brotherly love to stage, and eventually win, a lively scrap with brother Theo, both drivers in Porsche GT3 Cup cars.

>From the start of race two, Pretty made clear his determination to win and raced Stokell side-by-side all the way to the second corner. Stokell held his nerve and his line, but Pretty continued to attack for four laps until he pulled out of the Lambo's slipstream and surged past in the straight.

With Stokell now trailing by less than a second Pretty was heading for a win, but the Monaro suddenly pulled off. The problem was probably electrical, Pretty said later.

In the Australian GT Performance Championship, Ric Shaw won both races in a Mazda RX-7 and Paul Stokell came second in a works Volkswagen Golf R32.

Justin Hemmes was again a consistent performer in his Team Merivale Subaru Impreza STi, scoring a third and a fourth place.

He retained his lead in the points standings, but Stokell narrowed the margin to just 14 points, making it increasingly possible that he could win two championships this season.

Although he didn't win a race in the Australian Production Car Championship, 17-year-old Chris Alajajian put in a star performance aboard his Subaru Liberty GT in coming second from a pit lane start in the second of two races.

Alajajian still leads the series and class standings from Scott Loadsman, who won race one in a Holden Commodore SS.

The second of the two handicap races went to David Russell in the giant-killing 1.6 litre Proton Satria GTi.

In the Poolrite V8 BRutes Series, Jack Elsegood took race one for Ford and series leader Damien White the next two for Holden's Team Brock.

Elsegood also took two second places and Holden's Gary Baxter, with two thirds and a fourth, finished the round in third overall.


Australian Nations Cup Championship, Rd 5
Race 1 (12 laps)
GT class/Outright
1. Paul Stokell (Vic.) Lamborghini Diablo
2. Nathan Pretty (Vic.) Holden Monaro
3. James Brock (Vic.) Holden Monaro
4. David Stevens (NSW) Porsche GT2
5. Ian Palmer (Qld) Holden Monaro
6. D'Arcy Russell (Vic.) Chrysler Viper Trophy class
1. James Koundouris (ACT) Porsche GT3 Cup
2. Theo Koundouris (ACT) Porsche GT3 Cup
3. Anthony Skinner (NSW) Porsche GT3

Race 2 (12 laps)
GT class/Outright
1. Paul Stokell
2. James Brock
3. David Stevens
4. Ian Palmer
5. James Koundouris
6. Theo Koundouris Trophy class
1. James Kouondouris
2. Theo Koundouris
3. John Teulan (Qld) Ferrari 360Challenge

Race 3 (10 laps, non-championship)
1. Paul Stokell
2. James Brock
3. James Koundouris
4. David Stevens
5. Ian Palmer
6. Theo Koundouris

Championship standings -- GT class/Outright 422 Paul Stokell, 334 Nathan Pretty, 191 David Stevens, 156 Peter Brock, 120 James Brock, 119 Allan Simonsen. Trophy class 288 Theo Koundouris, 266 James Koundouris, 192 John Teulan.

Australian GT Performance Championship, Rd 5
Race 1 (8 laps)
1. Ric Shaw (NSW) Mazda RX-7
2. Paul Stokell (Vic.) Volkswagen Golf R32
3. Justin Hemmes (NSW) Subaru Impreza STi
4. Tim Leahey (NSW) Volkswagen Golf R32
5. Garry Holt (NSW) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8
6. Grant Park (NSW) Subaru Impreza STi

Race 2 (22 laps)
1. Ric Shaw
2. Paul Stokell
3. Tim Leahey
4. Justin Hemmes
5. Garry Holt
6. Bob Hughes (NSW) MitsubishiLancer Evo 8

Championship standings: 318 Justin Hemmes, 304 Paul Stokell, 267 Ric Shaw, 186 Garry Holt, 179 Steve Knight, 175 Beric Lynton.

Poolrite V8 BRutes Series, Rd 5
Race 1 (10 laps)
1. Jack Elsegood (NSW) Ford Falcon XR8
2. Grant Denyer (NSW) Ford
3. Damien White (NSW) Holden SS
4. Gary Baxter (SA) Holden
5. Kim Jane (Vic.) Holden
6. Adam Bressington (NSW) Ford

Race 2 (10 laps
1. Damien White
2. Jack Elsegood
3. Gary Baxter
4. Dave Griffin (NSW) Holden
5. Luke May (NSW) Ford
6. Adam Bressington

Race 3 (10 laps)
1. Damien White
2. Jack Elsegood
3. Gary Baxter
4. Kim Jane
5. Adam Bressington
6. Grant Denyer

Championship standings -- 367 Danmien White, 310 Jack Elsegood, 228 Dave Griffin, 207 Gary Baxter, 188 Charlie Kovacs, 182 Kim Jane.

Australian Production Car Championship, Rd 5

Race 1 (8 laps)
1. Scott Loadsman (NSW) Holden Commodore SS
2. David Russell (NSW) Proton Satria
3. David Ryan (NSW) Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo
4. Chris Alajajian (NSW) Subaru Liberty GT
5. Drew Russell (NSW) Honda S2000
6. Adam Beechey (Tas.) Honda Integra Type R
Class A -- Scott Loadsman
Class B -- Adam Beechey
Class C -- Leanne Ferrier (Vic.) Toyota Corolla Sportivo
Class D -- David Russell

Race 2 ( 8 laps)
1. David Russell
2. Chris Alajajian
3. Leanne Ferrier
4. David Ryan
5. Scott Loadsman
6. Ian Luff
Class A -- Chris Alajajian
Class B -- Ian Luff
Class C -- Leanne Ferrier
Class D - David Russell

Championship standings -- Outright, 244 Chris Alajajian, 187 Scott Loadsman, 172 Leanne Ferrier, 171 David Russell, 140 David Ratcliff, 121 Ian Luff. Class A Chris Alajajian, Class B David Ratcliff, Class C Leanne Ferrier, Class D David Russell.



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