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Karl Reindler has been transferred to hospital after an horrific start-line accident that saw his car engulfed in a ball of fire at Barbagallo this morning.

#21 Fair Dinkum Sheds Racing: Karl Reindler
#21 Fair Dinkum Sheds Racing: Karl Reindler

Photo by: Chris Von Wieldt

The Fair Dinkum Sheds Racing driver received superficial burns to his hands and face and smoke inhalation.

V8 Supercar Chief Medical Officer Carl Le was first on the scene and Reindler received the best medical care.

The accident happened when Steve Owen ran into Reindler, who was stationery on the grid. The car burst into flames but Reindler reacted quickly, leaping out of the car.

Karl Reindler
Fair Dinkum Sheds Racing
“I loaded the clutch up and it stalled. I had my foot all the way down; I didn’t even release the clutch. I couldn’t get it going at all. There’s nothing I could do.

“Before I knew it I saw flames inside the car. I guess I panicked and tried to get out as quick as I could. My body’s fine, it’s just my hands.”

Dr Carl Le
V8 Supercar Resident Medic
“Karl has suffered some superficial burns to his hands and face and smoke inhalation. He has been transported to hospital, but he is OK.”

Steve Own
Paul Morris Motorsport
“It happened that quick I barely got on the brake by the time I hit him. I was in third gear, flat out after getting a pretty good start.

“I opened both doors and there was fire there. The officials did a great job. Without them putting the fire out I wouldn’t have gotten out of the car.

“I felt pretty sore when I first got out of the car but I’m alright now. I saw Karl briefly in the medical centre and fortunately he’s fine apart from some light burns.”

-source: Reindler

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