Team Betta Oran Park qualifying notes

Qualifying performance eluded both team Betta Electrical cars at Oran Park today. In the first Practice Session held yesterday, Radisich experienced dramatic handling problems with car 65, where it refused to negotiate corners with any ...

Qualifying performance eluded both team Betta Electrical cars at Oran Park today.

In the first Practice Session held yesterday, Radisich experienced dramatic handling problems with car 65, where it refused to negotiate corners with any degree of safety.

After several pit stops that included disc and spring changes, the problem persisted.

It wasn't until the practice session was over and the car returned to the Pit Garage, that the problem was considered to be found - a loose bolt on the front suspension.

Radisich could only manage to post a lap time of 1:11.14, reflecting 28th fastest in the first practice session.

Dean Canto driving the second of the Team Betta Electrical cars, 66 experienced similar behaviour also from his car and could only manage two placing's better with 26th fastest time of 1:11.07.

Today's two practice sessions commenced at 9.30 am, showing improved times from both cars in the second outing with Radisich posting the 5th quickest time of 1:09.83 whilst Canto jumped up six placing's to 20th, in a time 1:10.17.

The third and final practice session got underway just before lunch with greater expectations from both cars, however, this wasn't to be, with both entries experiencing identical handling problems on the bumpy circuit.

Radisich dropped back to 19th fastest in the session, posting a disappointing time of 1:10.34 with Canto in the second car placed back in 28th position with a lap time of 1:10.85.

Mark Skaife appeared to be the man to beat in this final practice session with the fastest time of 1:09.41, closely followed by Paul Morris in his new VY Commodore in second place with a time of 1:09.60.

Qualifying saw very little improvement to the handling of both Team Betta Electrical BA Falcons, with Radisich battling with a car that just did not want to turn into corners, and although he tried in vein to perform, the time reflected otherwise, finally coming home in 21st position with Canto marginally better in 14th position.

" It just didn't feel like the same car I drove just weeks ago at Queensland Raceway" said Radisich.

"The Team will have to work hard tonight to sort out its bad habit's which I experienced today".

"I'm sure we can improve the cars handling characteristics, it is purely of myself and the engineers re analysing the set-up by taking everything back to basics and I feel sure the results will be there tomorrow" - Radisich concluded.

Canto's car 66 is in a similar position, with similar handling problems and he too is confident the team will provide him with a better package for tomorrow's 300km, 111-lap race.

<pre> Qualifying Top 10 1. Marcos Ambrose Pirtek Falcon BA 2. Greg Murphy Kmart Commodore VY 3. Paul Morris Sirromet Wines Commodore VY 4. Mark Skaife HRT Commodore VY 5. Jason Richards Team Dynamik Commodore VY 6. Russell Ingall Caltex Havoline Falcon BA 7. Steve Ellery Super Cheap Falcon BA 8. Todd Kelly HRT Commodore VY 9. Craig Lowndes CAT FPR Falcon 10. Simon Wills Team Dynamik Commodore VY

QUALIFYING RESULTS 1: Marcos Ambrose (Ford) 1:08.9278 2: Greg Murphy (Holden) 1:08.9769 3: Todd Kelly (Holden) 1:08.9905 4: Mark Skaife (Holden) 1:09.0722 5: Russell Ingall (Ford) 1:09.0875 6: Craig Lowndes (Ford) 1:09.2283 7: Paul Morris (Holden) 1:09.2662 8: Jason Richards (Holden) 1:09.3523 9: Simon Wills (Holden) 1:09.3561 10: Steve Ellery (Ford) 1:09.3721 11: Garth Tander (Holden) 1:09.4787 12: Steve Richards (Holden) 1:09.5266 13: Glenn Seton (Ford) 1:09.5280 14: Dean Canto (Ford) 1:09.5593 15: John Bowe (Ford) 1:09.5895 16: Cameron McConville (Holden) 1:09.5977 17: David Besnard (Ford) 1:09.6083 18: Jason Bright (Holden) 1:09.6247 19: Paul Weel (Holden) 1:09.6519 20: Mark Larkham (Ford) 1:09.6802 21: Paul Radisich (Ford) 1:09.7147 22: Rick Kelly (Holden) 1:09.8155 23: Jason Bargwanna (Ford) 1:09.8965 24: Craig Baird (Holden) 1:0-9.9652 25: Brad Jones (Ford) 1:09.9898 26: Max Wilson (Ford) 1:10.0054 27: Mark Noske (Ford) 1:10.0450 28: Wayne Wakefield (Holden) 1:10.1017 29: Steve Johnson (Ford) 1:10.1267 30: Paul Dumbrell (Holden) 1:10.3671 21: Jamie Whincup (Holden) 1:10.5297 32: Anthony Tratt (Ford) 1:10.9479


V8 SUPERCARS (All times Eastern Standard)Sunday

10.10am-10.30am - Warm-up

1.00pm-3.25pm - Race (111 Laps)


Sunday - August 17, 2003 (Eastern Standard Time)

2.30pm-5pm - Round 8 V8 Supercar Championship Series


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