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Ambrose turns back clock 26 years to win four straight Stone Brothers Racing's Marcos Ambrose turned back the clock 26 years when he won his fourth consecutive round of the V8 Supercar Championship Series at Hidden Valley in Darwin ...

Ambrose turns back clock 26 years to win four straight

Stone Brothers Racing's Marcos Ambrose turned back the clock 26 years when he won his fourth consecutive round of the V8 Supercar Championship Series at Hidden Valley in Darwin today.

Ambrose finished second in yesterday's opening leg and won both of today's 35-lap races in his Pirtek Falcon to clinch the round from Mark Skaife and Jason Bright and become the first Ford driver to win four straight since Allan Moffat in 1977.

The Gold Coast-based Tasmanian now heads into the next round at Queensland Raceway in three weeks time with a chance to equal the all-time record of five straight wins which is also held by Moffat (1977) and Skaife (2002).

Ambrose's SBR teammate Russell Ingall recovered from a dramatic opening-lap incident yesterday to finish 17th in race one today and eighth in race two in his Caltex Havoline Ford.

Ambrose slotted in behind Skaife off the line in race one and then grabbed the lead on lap four when Skaife missed a gear coming on to the straight.

One of the team's best pit stops of the year of 6.9 seconds enabled Ambrose to maintain his lead.

There was a safety car on lap 31 when Jamie Whincup's car was forced on to the back of a tow truck -- unbelievably the race was re-started with one lap remaining, despite the truck still being on the main straight.

Ambrose managed to hold the advantage at the re-start and take the win from Skaife and Garth Tander.

Ambrose grabbed the lead off the line in the final race and was never headed at any stage.

There was a safety car period after a major opening lap accident which did some major damage to the Holden of Todd Kelly.

All the leaders took the opportunity to pit during the yellow flag period and Ambrose again came out in front thanks to another smooth and precise pit stop from his crew.

There was another safety car period on lap 20 after an incident with Paul Dumbrell.

Ambrose managed to maintain his cool at the lead of the pack and race to the chequered flag over the final nine laps.

Ambrose has now won nine races and six rounds in just 32 starts in his V8 Supercar Championship career.

"This is just a great feeling and a credit to all the guys," Ambrose.

"There is no point getting too emotional though, because we are not even half way there.

"I just drove to the pace of the race in race two and got the job done.

"The starts today were crucial -- they always are in sprint races.

"It is nice to know we are going to Queensland Raceway with a chance to notching five in a row. I would rather be going there than heading back to Winton.

"I think what we have achieved won't really sink in for a couple of days, but this really is a credit to everyone at Stone Brothers Racing.

"Those pit stops today were just fantastic."

Despite his win today, Ambrose is still third in the championship because of a controversial new points system implemented this season.

"That's the way it is, there is no point grizzling about it," said Ambrose of the points.

"Let's not talk about it."

Ingall struggled through a tough weekend, but picked up valuable points to maintain his place in the championship's top 10.

Ingall's car was badly damaged after his car was hit from behind by Greg Murphy in race one yesterday afternoon - the incident also destroying four of his 10 new tyres for the weekend.

There was a stewards' inquiry after yesterday's opening race incident, but there was "inadequate evidence to indicate that either driver deviated from a straight course down the main straight" and provisional results stood.

Ingall started from the rear of the grid in the first race today and managed to race his way through to 17th, despite a minor incident on lap 10 which saw him slip off the track at turn one.

"The Enforcer" was given some just rewards for his tireless efforts with an eighth in the final race.

"It was another pretty tough weekend," said Ingall.

"The boys worked hard last night to give me some sort of car today.

"We just had to keep chipping away, because every point is vital.

"I think we really had the car to run towards the front with Marcos this weekend.

"We did what we could with the new tyres we had left.

"SBR are giving us the tools, we just need a little luck."

* The next round of the championship will be the Queensland Raceway on July 18-20.

1: Mark Skaife (Holden) -- 17 Laps
2: Marcos Ambrose (Ford)
3: Jason Bright (Holden)
4: Garth Tander (Holden)
5: Paul Radisich (Ford)
6: Greg Murphy (Holden)
7: Todd Kelly (Holden)
8: Steve Ellery (Ford)
9: Steve Richards (Holden)
10: John Bowe (Ford)
11: Simon Wills (Ford)
12: Paul Weel (Holden)
13: Steve Johnson (Ford)
14: Rick Kelly (Holden)
15: Brad Jones (Ford)
16: Jason Richards (Holden)
17: Jason Bargwanna (Ford)
18: Dean Canto (Ford)
19: Mark Noske (Ford)
20: Jamie Whincup (Holden)
21: Rodney Forbes (Ford)
22: Craig Baird (Holden)
23: Cameron McConville (Holden)
24: David Besnard (Ford)
25: Anthony Tratt (Ford)
26: Mark Larkham (Ford)
27: Paul Dumbrell (Holden)
28: Craig Lowndes (Ford) -- 16 Laps
29: Greg Ritter (Ford)
DNF: Max Wilson (Ford) -- 12 Laps
DNF: Glenn Seton (Ford) -- 10 Laps
DNF: Paul Morris (Holden) -- 3 Laps
DNF: Russell Ingall (Ford) -- 0 Laps
DNQ: David Thexton (Ford)

1: Marcos Ambrose -- 35 Laps
2: Mark Skaife
3: Garth Tander
4: Jason Bright
5: Greg Murphy
6: Steve Richards
7: Rick Kelly
8: Paul Radisich
9: Simon Wills
10: John Bowe
11: Paul Weel
12: Dean Canton
13: Jason Bargwanna
14: Cameron McConville
15: Steve Ellery
16: Glenn Seton
17: Russell Ingall
18: David Besnard
19: Craig Baird
20: Max Wilson
21: Brad Jones
22: Paul Dumbrell
23: Paul Morris
24: Todd Kelly -- 34 Laps
25: Mark Noske
26: Greg Ritter
27: Craig Lowndes
28: Rodney Forbes
29: Steve Johnson
30: Mark Larkham -- 33 Laps
31: Jason Richards -- 28 Laps
DNF: Jamie Whincup
DNF: Anthony Tratt -- 24 Laps

1: Marcos Ambrose -- 35 Laps
2: Greg Murphy
3: Mark Skaife
4: Jason Bright
5: Steve Richards
6: Simon Wills
7: John Bowe
8: Russell Ingall
9: Steve Ellery
10: Brad Jones
11: Jamie Whincup
12: Steve Johnson
13: Paul Weel
14: Cameron McConville
15: Craig Lowndes
16: Max Wilson
17: Glenn Seton
18: Rick Kelly
19: Dean Canto
20: Craig Baird
21: Jason Bargwanna
22: Mark Larkham
23: Greg Ritter
24: Paul Radisich
25: Jason Richards
26: Garth Tander
27: Rodney Forbes
28: David Besnard
29: Mark Noske -- 33 Laps
30: Paul Morris -- 27 Laps
DNF: Paul Dumbrell -- 18 Laps
DNF: Todd Kelly -- 0 Laps
DNS: Anthony Tratt

1: Marcos Ambrose (Ford) 190
2: Mark Skaife (Holden) 186
3: Jason Bright (Holden) 176
4: Greg Murphy (Holden) 172
5: Steve Richards (Holden) 158
6: Simon Wills (Holden) 146
7: John Bowe (Ford) 144
8: Steve Ellery (Ford) 134
9: Garth Tander (Holden) 132
10: Paul Weel (Holden) 126
18th: Russell Ingall (Ford) 82

1: Jason Bright (Holden) 1027
2: Steve Richards (Holden) 992
3: Marcos Ambrose (Ford) 973
4: Greg Murphy (Holden) 951
5: Mark Skaife (Holden) 929
6: Paul Weel (Holden) 869
7: Russell Ingall (Ford) 821
8: Paul Radisich (Ford) 792
9: Rick Kelly (Holden) 779
10: Garth Tander (Holden) 778

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