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TODD KELLY ELEVENTH IN SANDOWN PRACTICE Jack Daniel's Racing driver Todd Kelly is quietly confident about the form of his ...


Jack Daniel's Racing driver Todd Kelly is quietly confident about the form of his #7 Jack Daniel's Commodore after finishing 11th fastest at Sandown International Raceway in Melbourne, Victoria today.

Kelly was in the top 10 on the timesheets each of the first three practice sessions of the day before ending Friday 11th fastest overall following the fourth and final session.

Rick Kelly admitted that his #15 Jack Daniel's Commodore needs to improve its qualifying set-up after today's practice, but that his car has a solid race set-up for the Sandown layout.

Rick Kelly ended the day 22nd fastest on combined times, with work overnight aimed at gaining qualifying speed for the weekend's two qualifying sessions and races.

James Courtney was fastest in practice at Sandown today ahead of Mark Winterbottom and Craig Lowndes.


TODD KELLY - #7 Jack Daniel's Holden Commodore

"We tuned my Jack Daniel's Commodore to a point where it was pretty good there at the end of practice," said Todd Kelly.

"We haven't been to this track in a while with this kind of heat, and therefore, this low level of grip.

"It's something we experienced in Tassie and we are seeing the same thing here at Sandown, just because of the way the calendar has played out over the last couple of years.

"So we needed to change the car quite a bit compared to the set-up we used here last year. We've not got our head around that and there are a few things that I can do as a driver to get that last bit of speed out of the car.

"Certainly though I think today was not too bad and I'd even say that our car deserves to be a little higher up the order than 11th place."

RICK KELLY - #15 Jack Daniel's Holden Commodore

"It was a standard Friday in that I only get two sessions for my Jack Daniel's Commodore because we are in the top 50 percent in the points," said Rick Kelly.

"That only allows you time to do two or three set-up changes per session, so it's not much time to get on top of things.

"As soon as you do one run out there the tyres fall away very quickly and the car gets a lot of oversteer, so we worked through our normal schedule of set-up work but all while the tyres were fading.

"We got the car looking after its tyres a little better and then switched to our better set of practice tyres to look at our qualifying pace, but the car then developed understeer so we didn't get the best time.

"So I think we have a good race car but we have some things to tune for qualifying to get a good time and a good starting position.

"It was a little frustrating and it's disappointing that we need to improve still but that's what practice is for and it's tomorrow that counts."

RESULTS: Practice (Combined Times) 1. #18 James Courtney 1:10.9864 2. #5 Mark Winterbottom 1:11.0039 3. #888 Craig Lowndes 1:11.0615 4. #1 Jamie Whincup 1:11.1882 5. #9 Shane Van Gisbergen 1:11.200 6. #19 Jonathon Webb 1:11.2473 7. #24 Fabian Coulthard 1:11.2590 8. #55 Paul Dumbrell 1:11.2866 9. #17 Steven Johnson 1:11.3002 10. #22 Will Davison 1:11.3482 11. #7 Todd Kelly 1:11.3702 22. #15 Rick Kelly 1:11.8706


* Kelly brothers boast huge success at Sandown ^a

- Todd Kelly is a three-time event winner at Sandown, with two victories in the Sandown 500 endurance event as well as an overall round victory in the season finale here in 2001

- Rick Kelly has never won the Sandown event but has three podium finishes, one shy of Todd's four Sandown podiums. Rick was the runner-up in the Sandown 500 in both 2006 and 2007

-source: kelly racing

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