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The following is a detailed lap of Queensland Raceway to be used as the venue for the sixth round of the V8 Supercar Championship Series this weekend. Also find following thoughts, results and memorable moments relating to this venue from both ...

The following is a detailed lap of Queensland Raceway to be used as the venue for the sixth round of the V8 Supercar Championship Series this weekend. Also find following thoughts, results and memorable moments relating to this venue from both Marcos Ambrose and Russell Ingall.


* This was the venue for Stone Brothers Racing's first 1-2 championship round finish in 2003

* This was the venue for Russell Ingall's first championship round win for Ford and Caltex Havoline in 2003

* Russell Ingall had his 100th round start at Barbagallo Raceway near Perth last month

* Marcos Ambrose is chasing his fourth consecutive pole at QR -- He has never started from any other position than first.

* Marcos Ambrose played in the Queensland Masters Pro-AM golf tournament in Townsville last week with friend and Goulburn Golf Club professional, Chris Travers -- The pair finished mid-field.

* Marcos Ambrose was on target to win his fifth consecutive round at Queensland Raceway last year when a coming together with Steve Ellery in the pit lane saw him receive a drive-through penalty. He fought back to finish second behind Ingall.


The Queensland Raceway may look like an easy track to drive, but it is actually one of the most technical tracks of the V8 Supercar Championship Series.

You need to extract everything possible from your car to ensure a lap that will get you somewhere towards the front of the field.

We managed to get it right the last three years and grab pole position, but that's now history and we have all the work ahead of us.

At the start-finish line at Queensland Raceway you are in fifth gear and travelling at around 220kph.

Turn one is the foundation of a really good lap and the secret is getting over a bump at the breaking point at about the 120m mark. You then drop to fourth gear and try to get your car as settled as possible.

You carry around 155kph through the corner and remain in fourth gear and get up to 195kph before dabbing the brakes for the next right-hander.

Your speed drops to around 145kph as you try and stick to the inside of the corner.

It is vital to get a good run in and out of this corner in qualifying and it is also a good place to pass if everything goes right during the race.

You jam it into fifth just after the exit and into sixth for a split second and a top speed of around 250kph down the back straight.

You brake at round the 170m mark for turn three, but you need to be careful because the track falls away a little and can easily grab you unawares.

You drop down to second gear for the slowest corner on the track and a speed of around 78kph.

It is then quickly back into third at the exit and up to fifth and a top speed of around 225kph.

The brakes get another workout at the 150m marker which is right next to the in-field flag points.

I maintain third through the complete corner, while I know some guys get down to second.

Speeds vary from 80km through to 135kph through this section of the track.

You jump into fourth and then fifth as quickly as possible and a top speed around 220pkh before lining up for the sixth and final corner.

Similar to turn three, turn six is a second-gear affair with a speed of around 80kph.

Again, it is imperative to get this section right so you can get a nice clean run on to the main straight.

If you get the power down early you can move back up to fifth gear and cross the start-finish line again at around 220kph.

Like anywhere, the trick to this place is being smooth and consistent. That is even more vital during the race because the Queensland Raceway can be extremely hard on brakes and tyres.


I could race this track with my eyes closed. This is obviously the testing track for Stone Brothers Racing and I have done more miles around here than any other track in the world. The track actually looks quite simple, but it is quite technical and is hard to extract a great time from.

Clipping Steve Ellery in the pit lane last year is something that I remember, but probably something I would prefer to forget. At the 2002 Queensland 500 I was coming towards the end of my stint and the rain clouds were coming over. I then realised that in all the miles I had done at the circuit I had never turned one in the rain. So I came in and threw Paul Weel in at the deep end.

I have had some pretty good results at QR over the years and that always helps when talking about whether you like or dislike a circuit. It is not the most excitingly designed circuit in the world.

Certainly winning my first round for Ford at Queensland Raceway last year will always be a pretty special moment for me. It was also pretty cool that we were able to give Ross and Jimmy Stone their first 1-2 finish in a round.

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