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Winton Motor Raceway


Pepsi Max Crew driver Greg Murphy has turned in a storming drive to finish in 11th place at Winton Motor Raceway near Benalla, Victoria today.

Murphy set the 13th fastest time in qualifying, but was forced to start from 28th place at the rear of the grid as a result of using a non-control wheel rim.

We were not the quickest - Jason Bright was the quickest by a country mile ...

Greg Murphy

Murphy then set about carving his way through the field around the 3.0-kilometre circuit, climbing into the top five by mid-race distance.

Unfortunately for Murphy the #11 Pepsi Max Commodore lacked pace on its third set of tyres for the race, dropping him outside the top 10 in the dying stages to finish in 11th.

That result, following 18th place in Saturday’s 40-lap race, sees Murphy rise to 16th in the points standings ahead of Event 6 of the season at Hidden Valley Raceway in Darwin, Northern Territory on July 17-19.

Stratco Racing young gun David Reynolds showed great outright speed all weekend at Winton, finishing fourth fastest overall on Friday and then qualifying sixth and seventh on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Unfortunately for Reynolds, his #16 Stratco Commodore was struck from behind at the start of Saturday’s race, forcing the Albury-born driver to pit to remove his car’s dislodged rear diffuser. Reynolds recovered to finish 22nd.

On Sunday Reynolds showed strong speed in the first half of the 67-lap race, only for bad tyre wear to hurt his result in the second half of the race, dropping him to 20th place.

Jamie Whincup and Jason Bright won this weekend’s two races, with Whincup continuing to lead the 2011 V8 Supercars Championship points standings after 11 races.


GREG MURPHY - #11 Pepsi Max Holden Commodore

“Our pace in the second stint was clearly quite good and I thought ‘this is looking alright, we’re putting ourselves in a good position here’,” said Greg Murphy

“We were not the quickest - Jason Bright was the quickest by a country mile - but we were going OK there on the Pepsi Max Commodore.

“Then we put the last set of tyres on it was absolutely nowhere right from the start of the last stint. Even on a new tyre the car was abysmal.

“From one set to another the car was completely different. I don't know if we are doing something to the tyres in qualifying or what we are doing but we lost three or four spots there in that last stint that we probably shouldn't have.

“Our strategy was not bad at all and nothing was wrong with that part of our race. It was just that our car, for whatever reason, did not look after its tyres.”

DAVID REYNOLDS - #16 Stratco Holden Commodore

“Today qualifying went really well again,” said David Reynolds.

“Our Stratco Commodore has heaps of pace over one lap but in the race it just didn’t last.

#16 Stratco Racing: David Reynolds
#16 Stratco Racing: David Reynolds

Photo by: Chris Von Wieldt

“Our first set of tyres were quite good but they faded away too quickly. Our second set wasn't as good and they faded away really quickly and then again with the third set.

“At the end I was on ‘struggle street’ and felt like a moving chicane out there.

“It’s just part of the learning process. I'm just amazed at how hard some other blokes can drive their cars without the tyres falling off.

“We are at a bit of a loss right now after the race but we will work hard to figure things out.”

RICK KELLY - #15 Jack Daniel’s Holden Commodore

“I'm devastated to be honest,” said Rick Kelly.

“The Jack Daniel’s Commodore was pretty good yesterday. It was on a knife's edge and we had to drive quite cautiously to finish fourth. Nevertheless the car deserved to have that result yesterday.

“Today, no matter what I tried out there or whatever changes we made in the pit stops, it just didn't perform how we expected it to considering yesterday's result.

“The car set-up is actually quite similar to how it was yesterday. It just wasn't our day.

“The whole team is pretty beat up about that result. Two rounds ago we won, yesterday we were fourth and looked very promising and today we fell to 17th.

“It's a tough one. We need to put our heads down and try to work out how these other guys are making the soft tyre work and make sure we can get it working for us.

“On a hard tyre our car is very competitive and on a wet track on wet tyres our car is very competitive, but on the soft tyre it is not working for us at the moment so we just need to work out what to do.

“We just need to understand what the soft tyres needs and work out the best way to improve.”

The entire team will be working very hard between now and Darwin to improve our pace.

Todd Kelly

TODD KELLY - #7 Jack Daniel’s Holden Commodore

“It's just really disappointing to be crashed out like that,” said Todd Kelly.

“I saw the car spun so I turned hard to keep in tight to get around him, but people behind me obviously were not looking past the front of their bonnets and a few cars ran straight up my arse and pushed me into (Will) Davison.

“From there the #7 Jack Daniel's Commodore took a few hits so the damage to the front and the rear was quite bad.

“We were out on the spot. It's bad to be out so early in the race and not get the chance to get a result.

“The entire team will be working very hard between now and Darwin to improve our pace so that we can qualify higher up the grid to get ahead of messes like this.”

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