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Stratco Racing driver David Reynolds has again shown great pace in the early stages of his career with Kelly Racing, putting in a strong showing at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide, South Australia today.

Reynolds brought the #16 Stratco Commodore home in 14th place, a finish that could have been even better if not for a small mistake mid-race.

After a mistake in Saturday's race sent him into the Turn 11 gravel trap, dropping him two laps down to finish in 22nd position, Reynolds ran in the top 10 for much of today's event.

With ever-changing weather conditions and a slippery track, Reynolds had the #16 Stratco Commodore inside the top 10 for much of today's evemt and held the fastest lap of the race at one point.

But on lap 44 a miscue saw Reynolds lose time and drop to the tail of the field. He was able to fight back and finish in 14th place, a solid result to back up his 10th place qualifying performance earlier in the day.

Pepsi Max Crew driver Greg Murphy posted a solid 19th place finish at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide, SA today.

Murphy qualified the #11 Pepsi Max Commodore in 12th position earlier in the day, but several incidents dented the Kiwi ace's progress over the 77-lap journey.

After scoring 18th place in Saturday's race, Murphy was making steady progress when he spun on the exit of the Turn 9 hairpin on lap 53.

Soon after he was served with a drive through penalty for jumping the Senna Chicane on four occasions during the race.

Despite these incidents, and a clash with Craig Lowndes at pit exit that saw Lowndes spin into the wall, Murphy was still able to bring the car home to score vital championship points.

Reynolds sits in 12th place in the 2011 V8 Supercars Championship points standings after four races, with Murphy in 18th place.

Jamie Whincup won today's second and final race of the Clipsal 500 ahead of Jack Daniel's Racing driver Rick Kelly and Mark Winterbottom.

V8 Supercars will be back on track next weekend for a non-championship appearance at the Formula 1 QANTAS Australian Grand Prix at the Albert Park GP circuit in Melbourne, Victoria.


DAVID REYNOLDS - #16 Stratco Holden Commodore

"I had a good race," said David Reynolds.

"My Stratco Commodore was really, really good in the dry conditions. When it started to rain again, we only put new rear tyres on, where most people put four tyres on. I didn't have the amount of grip as the others.

"I made a few mistakes and dropped back. We had a good pit stop and picked up a lot of spots and we were sitting inside the top 10 at the last Safety Car.

"I felt I had good pace but we fell away too quickly, and at the end I was forced to save fuel to make it to the end. In hindsight, we stopped a lap or two early, so I had to conserve.

"The Stratco team did a fantastic job. James (Small - Race Engineer, #16 Stratco Commodore) did a great job with some smart calls. All our stops were great.

"I'm happy. It's not perfect, but we're moving forward."

GREG MURPHY - #11 Pepsi Max Holden Commodore

"In the wet it was really tough out there and quite treacherous really," said Greg Murphy.

"I made a few mistakes that cost us some time but we kept charging on to the point where we were in a good position when the time came to go onto slick tyres.

"We had reasonable pace as the track was drying, compared to when it was wet, where we were struggling for rear grip.

"Unfortunately I blew it, touched a kerb and spun. To make matters worse I got a drive through for cutting the Chicane kerbs at Turn 1 and 2 too often.

"Now our focus turns to the Grand Prix and I really want to do well there, so I will be taking it very seriously."

RICK KELLY - #15 Jack Daniel's Holden Commodore

Rick Kelly - Second Place Media Conference:

"The team have done a great job on focussing on where we are heading and not where we were a couple of rounds ago," said Rick Kelly.

"It's difficult when you have a tough round not to throw things around and panic. We've had a very clear direction the whole time and we've been able to implement that extremely well.

"From a personal point of view it's difficult after a tough round in Abu Dhabi when I qualified 27th not to lose heart and give up on it. At the moment I can say that I am quite good at bouncing back and this weekend has proved that as well and from the whole team's point of view.

"Yesterday after the race I wanted to head home and today I want to race again tomorrow. That's the ups and downs of motorsport. It's important to bounce back and the whole team can take a lot of confidence from today's result to find a little bit more pace.

"The #15 Jack Daniel's Commodore in the dry is still not as quick as we would like and I'm still not driving it as well as I need to in the dry either, so I really needed to capitalise on those tough conditions, which I did.

"I got to the front and then lost a spot, then got it back, and so on. That is the sort of thing we need to do while we are finding that pace."

QUESTION: When you go into a race like that do you try a compromise set-up for the wet and dry?

"I didn't know what to do in the wet. We just left it and hoped for the best."

QUESTION: How can you share this success with your older brother? He's just not having a good run of late and when you go well he doesn't and vice versa. How can you get two black Jack Daniel's tops up there on the podium?

"To be honest it is well and truly on the way, there is no doubt about that. The job that Todd did at Abu Dhabi was second to none. As soon as he rolled the car out of the truck and I saw the look on his face i knew I wasn't going to get near him.

"This has been a tough week but if we get that look back on his face he will be untouchable in the car we have got at the moment.

"To be honest with you all of his efforts are the reason that we are on the podium. Full credit to him, the decisions he is making in the team are making it stronger and stronger.

"For Todd and I will start having success while we are looking after the team is phenomenal. All the success that I have he shares in."

QUESTION: How impressed were you with the contribution with David Reynolds this weekend?

"He is awesome.

"He is a funny cat and it's good to have someone that you can poke a bit of fun at every now and then'

"He has bought a good, new attitude into the team and his pace is phenomenal.

"In qualifying on the first set of greens I thought I did a good job and we were punching the air and thinking we will be OK on the next set and then I hear on the radio that little mate's two one hundreths behind me. So we tried to pull out a quicker time and didn't really manage it so we ended up back in eighth.

"It's quite important for our sponsors and all the crew in that team for our four cars to be as far up the order as possible.

"We've still got a few little things to iron out but it's very exciting in terms of where we are heading. We just need to refine him a little bit more and he will be extremely strong, there is no doubt about it."

TODD KELLY - #7 Jack Daniel's Holden Commodore

On failing to finish today's race ...

"On the fourth corner of the second lap is really where my race ended," said Todd Kelly.

"I think I got on a white line and just sailed into that corner almost backwards and collected Bargs.

"As soon as I hit the brakes the thing was sideways. I don't know whether someone has just given me a tap or whether I was on a white line but either way that's where our race ended.

"The damage in the #7 Jack Daniel's Commodore was pretty huge. After that we limped around a bit. I was pushing harder than what I should have to try and get back. The car just didn't want to know about it.

"At the end of the day a few bits and pieces got more and more bent as I went on until one of the steering arms on the front snapped and that was the end of our day."

On Rick's second place finish ...

"It's great for the team," said Todd Kelly.

"All the work that the boys have done with our R&D and everything is starting to really pay off.

"It's really the first time in a long while that our cars have had genuine pace and also hung onto their tyres really well.

"Everything in the cars is doing what we expect it to, which doesn't always happen.

"I think this is a bit of a turning point in the whole team. We've got four cars that have got all the same equipment in them now and we've showed that they can hold onto their tyres a lot better, both at Abu Dhabi and here.

"When we start to get our head around the equipment we've got now even more, I think that we should have a pretty solid year in front of us."

-source: kelly racing

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