Kelly Racing Eastern Creek test notes 2011-01-29


Kelly Racing has successfully completed the first test day of the 2011 V8 Supercars Championship at Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney, New South Wales.

While timing results were published they are no indication of the pace of the team's four cars, as teams used what tyres they had remaining in their tyre bank from the 2010 season at the pre-season test.

Jack Daniel's Racing drivers Todd and Rick Kelly had no new tyres available to them at the Eastern Creek test and no sets of soft tyres.

Stratco Racing driver David Reynolds used one set of soft tyres, all other sets run were used hard tyres.

Pepsi Max Crew driver Greg Murphy, having his first test of a Kelly Racing Commodore, used one set of new hard tyres and one set of used soft tyres, all other sets run were used hard tyres.

The 2011 V8 Supercars Championship kicks off in two weeks time with the Yas V8 400 at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

TODD KELLY - #7 Jack Daniel's Commodore:

"I got all the little things sorted out today, which you need to before the start of the season," said Todd Kelly.

"It's good to be really comfortable in the car before you go to the first round and it all feels really good.

"We worked through a heap of set-up stuff, tried a lot of new components that we are developing and it all worked well.

"One thing we could not do was join the 'tyre race' and throw soft tyres on the car.

"I think we've made improvements with my Jack Daniel's Commodore today. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do in Abu Dhabi.

"We pretty much ended today with how we want to take the car to Abu Dhabi and start off there. The car felt great.

"I honestly didn't expect so many people here today, especially because there is no bumping panels, racing each other or qualifying. It was good to have free entry and hopefully some new people saw the sport for the first time because of that.

"We don't get many test days a year and what we had to get through today on our testing schedule was huge. Trying to balance that with trying to spend time with all the people that have come to see us was quite hard.

"You are in and out of the car all day and you are either going through data, speaking with your engineer or driving the car, so then to sign all the autographs was quite hard so we spent as much time as we possibly could doing that but I can tell you that it was the busiest test day thht I've ever had trying to fit it all in."

RICK KELLY - #15 Jack Daniel's Commodore:

"It was a very busy day for us today with juggling trying to see our fans as well as working on the Jack Daniel's Commodores," said Rick Kelly.

"It was a good event and great to see such a big crowd. When we had the grid walk there were just so many people and everyone was happy to see us.

"The whole crowd really seemed to enjoy their Saturday. It's a good thing and maybe next time we can extend the event over two days to include more fans things and media commitments as well as all the testing.

"As long as it is the same for everyone there is no drama for us to do a day like this.

"I was stoked with my Jack Daniel's Commodore today. The guys have put their hearts and souls into building this thing to be fast and to be super-schmick and it really is, so I'm quite excited about my new car.

"The whole day the car actually performed very well. We were in the top few the whole morning and we did not have any soft tyres or any good hard tyres by any means.

"I think we can be pretty confident. It was a good day to test your fitness, get into the swing of things and get out there and drive the car again.

"Overall I'm pretty excited. I'm stoked. The timesheets show we are 25th in the afternoon session because we didn't have any tyres but even so we were around the top five all morning and in the top 10 for most of the day so overall I'm pretty happy."

GREG MURPHY - #11 Pepsi Max Commodore:

"I think this test day was a great idea," said Greg Murphy.

"It gets everybody together and no one has to do any more work than anyone else coming to Sydney. We don't race here at the moment so I think this was a great idea.

"Being a test day you can't give the fans as much time as you normally would because you are obviously trying to get the car working.

"We had a pretty busy day so the fans didn't get as much attention as what we would like but it was great to have so many people here watching.

"It was a very difficult day to tell really where you fit in the order because of the tyre situation. The fact that we come here and everybody has got whatever tyres they have from last year is not the way to do it.

"For the sake of maybe three sets of tyres per car you could get everyone on a level playing field. We have no idea who has what. Some have got green softs, some have used softs, some have green hard tyres, some only have used hard tyres.

"In this garage Dave (Reynolds) and I both had a set of used softs. I'd hate to think that (Craig) Lowndes had anything but some green softs. There were some very fast times out there, it's hard to tell who had what tyres but we are really happy with our own day.

"We did a lot today. It was a matter of me being comfortable in the car and doing set-up changes to work out what it does to the car.

"It went well for the Pepsi Max Crew but unfortunately a day like today comes down to the timesheets and what you have got in your tyre bank. We had one set of new hard tyres and every other set was not very good. It's hard to be patient in that situation because you want to go fast and post a time to put you up there in the results.

"We wanted to run through a certain schedule of things on the car before we put any decent tyres on it. The car was good and I'm certainly not panicking at all. We did some good work and now we will sit down with the Jack Daniel's Racing guys and all the guys from my car and Dave's and sort through all the information we gathered from today."

DAVID REYNOLDS - #16 Stratco Commodore:

"Straight out of the gate things went," said David Reynolds.

"We played around with the Statco Commodore and tried some set-ups that the team would not normally run.

"We tried some different things and they didn't all necessarily make the car better, but that's exactly what you need to do on a test day, try some different things and see how they go.

"I've now had two tests in the car so I'm starting to learn everyone's name and get the most out of everybody. We've got a few things we want to improve but that will come with time.

"Overall it was a good day. It was a massive day with everything we wanted to do to the car as well as everything else that has gone on around the test.

"Now I'm looking forward to Abu Dhabi to get things underway properly for the season."

-source: kellyracing

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