Jack Daniel's Racing finishes first two races of Australian GP

Consistency the Key at the Australian GP

The Jack Daniel's Racing combo of Todd and Rick Kelly had a consistent day at the Australian Grand Prix, with the Nissan Altimas picking up points in the pair of races at Albert Park.

Todd registered the best result from the duo for the day, with a tenth place effort from the opening encounter, with brake problems holding him pack throughout the ten lap journey.

Todd and Rick Kelly
Todd and Rick Kelly

Photo by: Jack Daniels Racing

The second heat saw the car suffer severally flat spotted front tyres early, with Todd holding on to finish in 13th.

Rick meanwhile had a strong start to the day, climbing three positions into 11th on the second lap of race one, and held station until the chequered flag.

A conservative approach to the start of the second race saw Rick score another 11th place finish after 12 completed circuits.

The third 12 lap race for the weekend is scheduled to start at 3:25pm tomorrow, with a fourth and final heat to follow on Sunday.

TODD KELLY - #7 Jack Daniel's Racing Nissan Altima:
Race 1- 10th
Race 2- 13th

"It was a disappointing race," said Todd Kelly.

"I had trouble with the brakes in the first one, and we put fresh ones on for that race.

"Early on I flat spotted both fronts extremely badly, so the car was just shaking itself to death from about the second lap, that's caused a heap of understeer, and it was just a battle to hold on from there.

"The changes we made to the car felt like they would have been a massive improvement, so it was alright to survive where I did, but there is a lot more potential to come tomorrow."

RICK KELLY - #15 Jack Daniel's Racing Nissan Altima:
Race 1- 11th
Race 2- 11th

"I guess I'm back to the old nickname of Mr Consistency," said Rick Kelly.

"Look, the car is pretty good, there are a couple of things we need to tune up no doubt, and we're just chipping away at it.

"We're not doing wholesale changes, a lot of people get carried away at the Grand Prix and try wholesale things, and it hurts them.

"We treat this like any other race, we want to get as far forward as we can in the points for the weekend.

"The start just didn't quite go our way (for race two), I played it conservative and went narrow into turns one and three, and we lost a couple of spots because of that, as other drivers made aggressive moves around the outside pay off.

"When I was back a few spots, I managed to sneak past some cars, and I got stuck behind Will (Davison).

"If I had have qualified better and started in the top-five, the car has the pace to run there.

"I now want to keep it consistent and move forward."

Jack Daniels Racing

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