IRWIN Racing Winton Sunday Report

Winton Motor Raceway


IRWIN Racing’s Alex Davison has risen to seventh in the V8 Supercars championship despite finishing 16th in today’s 11th race of the series.

Starting 14th, Davison was knocked off the track on the opening lap putting him to the rear of the field and he then had to contend with a battery problem.

Alex Davison
Alex Davison

Photo by: Stone Brothers Racing

Davison, driving a very fast IRWIN Tools Ford, was one of the fastest drivers on the track before the pit stop, making up several places to be a legitimate sixth on the road at one stage.

During those same laps before stopping, the car battery started to falter. An undiagnosed problem with the charging system saw Davison lose over 34 seconds during the pit stop while IRWIN mechanics quickly replaced the ailing equipment. Davison was again at the rear of the grid.

While the time gaps between cars on the track meant Davison was not a contender for the top 10, he was able to improve up to 18th. These points helped not only maintain his place in the top 10 but better his position in the hunt for the title.

Davison goes to the next event in Darwin as a favourite. His current car speed and recent Hidden Valley raceway form, where he was on pole in 2010 and came second in 2009, has him eying off his first race win.

What IRWIN Racing’s Alex Davison had to say:

“The IRWIN Ford was fantastic today, especially in the first and the last stint. The tyre life was really good, the last five to ten laps I was able to reel people in and overtake them easily. I was surprised, at the end of the first stint I was back up with the front runners after being punted off. I was really confident that I could get back in the race (but) an alternator problem meant they had to put the auxiliary battery in and we were out of the running. We needed a safety car to get back to the pack. It’s just disappointing because we would have had no problem getting back right up the front for a good result. Even though we got punted off on the first lap and had the mechanical problem we still salvaged something. I did all I could. I’m really happy with how the IRWIN Falcon ran this weekend in the races especially. The best thing about this weekend was that our weakness in Perth was a strength here. We really turned this around. We are improving every weekend.”

The IRWIN Ford was fantastic today, especially in the first and the last stint.

Alex Davison

What IRWIN Engineer Daniel Kroehn had to say:

“It’s been bitter sweet today unfortunately, we obviously did a lot of homework after the last round to try and improve our race longevity. I think we’ve got one of the best race cars out there now. Unfortunately with our first lap incident, getting knocked off the road - which wasn’t Alex's fault -and our little bit of a charging system issue, which we needed to rectify to get to the end of the race, we were sort of fighting the car the whole race to get back in there. We came back strong and passed a lot of cars towards the end of the race. A safety car and a few more laps and we would have been a lot further up. It just goes to show you never ever give up on the championship, you always get as many points as you can, then when you have a bad day you try to make it the best bad day that you can have.”

-source: irwin racing

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