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IRWIN Racing's Alex Davison has struggled to perform in the opening two practice sessions of the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide thanks to a vicious virus.

Davison became ill overnight and it took all of his energy to get into his IRWIN Ford Falcon today.

Even team boss Ross Stone suggested that Davison should park the car in the garage but the beleaguered driver decided to soldier on.

"I told Alex that he should stop running but he decided he wanted to continue," said Stone Brothers Racing Team Principal Ross Stone.

"Given how sick he is I thought he did quite a good job."

Davison, who was forced to pull out of this evening's V8 Supercar hotlap session, hopes that his health improves ahead of the weekend's first 250 kilometre race.

"Shane (van Gisbergen) was sick earlier in the week and it looks like I have something similar," said Alex Davison.

"I feel awful, it has been a really, really hard day.

"I just hope I feel a bit better tomorrow, otherwise it's going to be an extremely tough race."

Despite Davison's condition, IRWIN Racing engineer Daniel Kroehn believes he has enough information to set the car up in preparation for qualifying tomorrow.

"Alex (Davison) soldiered on really well," said Kroehn.

"I think we put together a good lap in the end.

"There are a couple of little areas where we need to improve a lot but I think the majority of the lap is there.

"Alex is struggling big time, he admits this himself.

"He is finding it really difficult to concentrate given he feels like someone has knocked him around the head with a cricket bat."

Qualifying for the first leg of the Clipsal 500 starts at 10.10am tomorrow morning, followed by the top 10 shootout and the race.

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