Barbagallo: Orrcon Racine race one notes

Improving Times at Barbagallo with Orrcon Racing Orrcon Racing drivers Jason Bargwanna and Mark Winterbottom continually improved their lap times during round five of the V8 Supercar Championship at Western Australia's Barbagallo Raceway. Both...

Improving Times at Barbagallo with Orrcon Racing

Orrcon Racing drivers Jason Bargwanna and Mark Winterbottom continually improved their lap times during round five of the V8 Supercar Championship at Western Australia's Barbagallo Raceway. Both cars finished inside the top 20 during today's opening race.

Practice - Friday 2:30pm -- 3:05pm, Saturday 9:15am -- 9:40am

Weather Conditions -- Several light showers throughout both sessions.
Practice Information -- Halted several times due to cars being beached in the Barbagallo sand traps

Jason Bargwanna -- Orrcon Racing Falcon #20
Practice one -- 0:57.4288 -- Position 27
Practice two -- 0:57.1562 (-0.2726 on practice one) --
Position 26

- Team changed geometry between sessions to correct the car from oversteering
- Improvement in geometry has assisted the correction of the oversteering
- Unable to get a flying lap late in practice two due to session being cut short

Mark Winterbottom -- Orrcon Racing Falcon #10
Practice one-- 0:57.0562 -- Position 22
Practice two -- 0:56.4123 (-0.6439 on practice one) --
Position 9

- Winterbottom completed 23 laps during his first V8 Supercar session at Barbagallo
- Team made a change to rear suspension between the sessions to correct understeering
- First flying lap in practice two Winterbottom was seventh fastest
- Car is very consistent over longer stints, has a slight understeer but is improved from practice one

Fastest time practice one - Greg Murphy (Holden) 0:55.6847
Fastest time practice two - Steven Richards (Holden) 0:55.9518

Qualifying One (20 minutes) Friday 11:30am -- 11:50am

Weather Conditions -- Fine but overcast
Session information -- No stoppages

Jason Bargwanna -- Orrcon Racing Falcon #20
Fastest Time -- 0:56.6665 (-0.4897 on practice)

- Team focusing on getting a consistent race set up
- Car is consistent on older tyres, good sign for the 42-lap races

Qualifying Two (20 minutes) Friday 11:55am -- 12:15am

Weather Conditions -- Overcast, rain hit mid session soaking the track
Session information -- One red flag just prior to rain

Mark Winterbottom -- Orrcon Racing Falcon #10
Fastest Time -- 0:56.7809 (+0.3686 on practice)

- Delayed at start of session due to battery malfunction
- One flying lap only prior to rain
- Team will make minor suspension adjustments prior to race

Fastest time qualifying -- Jason Bright (Holden) 0:55.8539

Race One (42-laps) Saturday 4:10pm

Weather Conditions -- Fine throughout all race
Session information -- Safety car period lap four to eight retrieving Steven Richards. Very little passing throughout the field.

Jason Bargwanna -- Orrcon Racing Falcon #20 Started 19th Finished 18th Fastest Lap 0:57.2329 (Lap 40 of 42)

- Made a change from qualifying with rear geometry
- Car not perfect under brakes in early laps, got better as race went on
- Changed brake bias considerably during race improving lap times

Mark Winterbottom -- Orrcon Racing Falcon #10 Started 25th Finished 19th Fastest Lap 0:57.2648 (Lap 40 of 42)

- Car very good during early laps
- Made contact when passing Anthony Tratt damaging front geometry and steering
- Suffered from understeer due to damaged front end

Jason Bargwanna
"Since the first session yesterday we have been playing catch up chasing a good set up and we seemed to have now found one," said Bargwanna.

"Late in today's race the car had enough speed to match the times set by the guys inside the top 10.

"I am confident that we will be able to climb up the order during tomorrow's races and be inside the top 10.

Mark Winterbottom
"The rain late in the qualifying session cost us dearly," said Winterbottom

"Every session our speed improved throughout the day and during the first few laps of the race it was on rails.

"After the contact with Tratt the front end was out and was a handful to turn into the corner costing me a lot of time of the track, despite this I still moved up some spots.

Mark Larkham

"It was good to have both cars have good race speed and move forward throughout the race today," said Larkham

"We have two more races today and with some minor changes to continually improve the pace I am confident of both cars moving up the order."

<pre> Top 10 Shootout 1: Steven Richards Holden 0:55.9216 2: Mark Skaife Holden 0:56.0431 3: Jason Bright Holden 0:56.1323 4: Rick Kelly Holden 0:56.4674 5: Paul Radisich Ford 0:56.4728 6: Cameron McConville Holden 0:56.6436 7: Glenn Seton Ford 0:56.7836 8: John Bowe Ford 0:56.9285 9: Craig Lowndes Ford 0:57.1126 10: Jason Richards Holden 0:57.1530

Qualifying 11: Todd Kelly Holden 0:56.3930 12: Paul Morris Holden 0:56.3991 13: Paul Dumbrell Holden 0:56.4516 14: Greg Murphy Holden 0:56.4610 15: Brad Jones Ford 0:56.4751 16: Steve Ellery Ford 0:56.5075 17: Russell Ingall Ford 0:56.5772 18: Garth Tander Holden 0:56.5864 19: Jason Bargwanna Ford 0:56.6665 20: Steven Johnson Ford 0:56.6897 21: Marcos Ambrose Ford 0:56.7018 22: Tony Longhurst Holden 0:56.7843 23: Simon Wills Holden 0:56.7506 24: Craig Baird Holden 0:56.7670 25: Mark Winterbottom Ford 0:56.7809 26: David Besnard Ford 0:56.9282 27: Max Wilson Ford 0:57.0160 28: Warren Luff Ford 0:57.0215 29: Dale Brede Holden 0:57.1383 30: Paul Well Holden 0:57.1392 31: Anthony Tratt Holden 0:57.1465 32: Mark Noske Ford 0:57.1790

Race 1 - Results 1: Mark Skaife Holden 42 Laps 2: Jason Bright Holden 3: Marcos Ambrose Ford 4: Rick Kelly Holden 5: Garth Tander Holden 6: Cameron McConville Holden 7: Greg Murphy Holden 8: John Bowe Ford 9: Russell Ingall Ford 10: Paul Weel Holden 11: Todd Kelly Holden 12: Brad Jones Ford 13: Steve Johnson Ford 14: Tony Longhurst Holden 15: War! ren Luff Ford 16: Max Wilson Ford 17: Steve Ellery Ford 18: Jason Bargwanna Ford 19: Mark Winterbottom Ford 20: Jason Richards Holden 21: Craig Lowndes Ford 22: Mark Noske Ford 23: Craig Baird Holden 24: Paul Dumbrell Holden 41 Laps 25: Anthony Tratt Holden 26: Dale Brede Holden DNF David Besnard Ford 40 Laps DNF Paul Morris Holden 22 Laps DNF Simon Wills Holden 21 Laps DNF Paul Radisich Ford 10 Laps DNF Steven Richards Holden 2 Laps DNF Glenn Seton Holden 0 Laps


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