Adelaide: Kelly Racing qualifying report



Rick Kelly - #15 Jack Daniel's Racing Holden Commodore

"New team, new car and new people involved and I think that we should be pretty happy with today," said Rick Kelly.

"It's out first event here as Kelly Racing, with brand new cars and our first time on the track realistically and we're in front of almost half the field so I'd say today is a good achievement.

"At the same time I'm a little frustrated because I know the car as it finished qualifying was capable of being in the top 10.

"We had a gearshift problem and a couple of other things stop us.

"To be honest we came a damn long way in about 45 minutes of track time in qualifying so if we keep improving at that rate we're looking good for the races."

"We just have to keep moving forward and we'll be looking good."

Todd Kelly - #7 Jack Daniel's Racing Holden Commodore

"It's very frustrating because I was driving around jammed in gear," said Todd Kelly.

"Third, fourth, fifth and six gears were all jamming. I just tried to do what I could out there.

"The changes we made for qualifying from practice made the Jack Daniel's Commodore better but we didn't get to show it. It's a long race tomorrow so we're not done with by any means."

Jack Perkins - #11 Dodo Racing Holden Commodore

"This is a long race and it's been won from the back before so its not a big drama where you qualify," said Perkins.

"It would be nice to qualify in the top 20 and that was my goal for the weekend from a qualifying perspective.

"Unfortunately it just wasn't to be today. We just haven't come out the truck as quick as we would have liked to and I'm sure as a team we will get the Dodo Commodore sorted for the two races."

Dale Wood - #16 Hi-Tec Oils Racing Holden Commodore

Wood did not start qualifying today due to a crash at Turn 8 during practice earlier this morning. The #16 Hi-Tec Oils Racing Commodore will be repaired this evening and back in action tomorrow. Crew will replace the left side lower control arm, suspension upright, rear differential housing, Watts linkage, front bar, rear bar, boot lid, rear wing, rear quarter panel and rear door as part of the repairs.

"I was just stepping things up a bit when it happened," said Wood.

"We missed the first leg of practice due to a small mechanical issue.

"I tried to cruise into it and step things up gradually. I probably stepped things up at Turn 8 a bit too quickly.

"I was already going pretty well through there. I probably didn't need to find too much more speed.

"I just got in a bit too hot and got on a different line and lost the rear.

"We took a hit but I'm fine. I feel for the boys but we'll work on it at get the Hi-Tec Oils Commodore back out there for tomorrow."

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