Abu Dhabi: Team BOC preview


EXPECT SPICY RACING IN THE MIDDLE EAST Abu Dhabi's exotic atmosphere should be mirrored on track this weekend, with Team BOC's Jason Bright predicting 'spiced up' racing thanks to the introduction of soft tyres.

Bright and team-mate Jason Bargwanna have both spoken of their respect for the Yas Marina circuit, one of the best racing facilities in the world.

Last year both finished just outside the top ten, despite debuting for new teams, and this year Brighty says the Team BOC Commodore will be challenging for a win.

Jason Bright Team BOC #8
"By the end of last year the car had proven to be competitive on enough different tracks that we should be able to translate that everywhere. From now on, if we're not in the top three or four then we're not doing a good job on that weekend.

"One of the things with Yas Marina is that the surface is so good you don't get a lot of tyre degradation. When that's the case it's very hard to pass. The addition of the soft tyre has really spiced up a lot of races where that's been a problem and I'm sure it will spice up this race in the same way.

"There are certainly places where this circuit has quite a bit of character. Coming into the motel section is one of the quickest unstable braking areas that we have. You're on the limit of adhesion laterally at 210kph but you've got to slow the car right down to 50kph and go through a hairpin while turning the whole time. It's quite a challenging corner."

Jason Bargwanna Team BOC #14
"To be honest I can't think of a better way to start off the year than under lights at a spectacular venue like this. The ambiance of the joint is what it's all about; the character's there in spades.

"Last year I think I finished just outside the top ten. I was quite comfortable with the circuit quite quickly. I love the cut-through between turns one to six down the hill and the section around the hotel with the two fast right-handers. You've got to try and stop the car without locking a brake, which is pretty challenging."

-source: team boc

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