Abu Dhabi: Jack Daniel's Racing race 2 report


Jack Daniel's Racing has endured a disappointing second race at the Yas V8 400 at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates today.

The potential was there for good results from both Todd and Rick Kelly, but for both drivers circumstances prevented them from finishing with a strong result.

Todd Kelly qualified in 12th place in his #7 Commodore, but was taken out of the race on the first lap in a crash that claimed several cars on the opening lap at The Corkscrew.

The damage to the left rear suspension of Kelly's car was too great and he was forced to retire after three laps.

Rick Kelly had a disastrous qualifying session earlier in the day and started from 27th position, but was on course for a strong race result with a spirited comeback.

Unfortunately for Kelly, who was in seventh place with 12 laps remaining, an oil leak meant that he needed an additional pit stop to top up the oil tank on the #15 Commodore, dropping him a lap down to finish in 19th place.

Both Todd and Rick Kelly can take solace from the performance of new Kelly Racing recruits David Reynolds and Greg Murphy, who finished fourth and ninth respectively in today's 43-lap race.

Rick Kelly sits 18th in the 2011 V8 Supercars Championship points standings after the opening two races of the season, with Todd Kelly in 24th place. Reynolds sits in fifth place after Abu Dhabi.

James Courtney won today's second race of the Yas V8 400 at the Yas V8 400 ahead of Jason Bright and Jamie Whincup.

The second event of the 2011 V8 Supercars Championship will be staged on the streets of Adelaide, South Australia when the Clipsal 500 is held on March 17-20.


TODD KELLY - #7 Holden Commodore

"There was a fair bit of stupidity there at the start that I couldn't avoid," said Todd Kelly.

"I saw (Tony) D'Alberto coming around the outside of me and gave everyone as much room as I could. I don't know what happened but I think he nailed a few blokes and it completely blocked the track in front of me.

"I just scraped through but someone has come tearing in a wrote the back of the car off when I was almost clear. Unfortunately it busted the whole rear end out of it and it ended our day.

"It's certainly a promising start to the year with the pace that we had and, more importantly, the way the car hung onto its tyres, which is really what we are after given we will spend a lot of this year on the soft tyres.

"We will claw our way back."

On the result for Kelly Racing's #11/#16 garage ...

"It's good that if one of us has a bad day there are four of us that can fly the flag for the team," said Todd Kelly.

"Dave has done a fantastic job getting back into the category and the speed he has showed is really promising.

"Rick and I keep saying that to have two guys like Murph and Reynolds pushing us is fantastic for the team and is really going to accelerate our progress for the rest of the year."

RICK KELLY - #15 Holden Commodore

"For the Jack Daniel's Racing side of the garage it's an extremely disappointing day," said Rick Kelly.

"Everyone has worked harder than ever over the break to start this year better than we finished last year. But unfortunately with the change to the soft tyre here in Abu Dhabi it has caught us out and we have lacked pace and then had some dramas that stopped us from getting a good result as we clawed our way back in the races.

"I'm extremely disappointed and frustrated with the results we have got. We have all worked hard to get better results than that so now we are going to go back and work even harder to fix things for Clipsal.

"It's not acceptable and we need the two JD cars to match what the other two Kelly Racing cars are doing and have all four in the top 10. I think that is possible, we've just got to work at it."

On the result for Kelly Racing's #11/#16 garage ...

"It's quite extraordinary," said Rick Kelly.

"Those guys have done an awesome job on everything from car preparation, to the driver's pace, to the pit stops.

"We've all got stuff to work on but to have two cars from Kelly Racing in the top 10 is quite exciting.

"Both Dave and Murph have done an awesome for their first event with us, there is no doubt about that, because it takes some time to settle into the cars.

"I think they have done an awesome job, particularly as all four of our cars haven't had awesome pace early on."

-source: kelly racing

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