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Barrett Confirms V8 Utes as Number 1 support Category After driving in the V8 Utes Ten Years of Legends Race over the weekend as part of the 2010 Yokohama V8 Ute Racing Series & ...

Barrett Confirms V8 Utes as Number 1 support Category

After driving in the V8 Utes Ten Years of Legends Race over the weekend as part of the 2010 Yokohama V8 Ute Racing Series – protected by Armor All, Ford Performance Vehicle General Manager Rod Barrett had nothing but praise for the Series.

Barrett claimed third overall with Series driver David Sieders in the 10 Years of Legends Anniversary event, and helped Sieders to the overall series lead once qualifying points were added in. In a Media Conference following the final race, he had nothing but admiration for the series.

"The Utes have 16 Fords and 16 Holdens. This is what makes this such a great championship. There are categories out there that have lost the Holden versus Ford concept but the Utes are the real deal. They are a great category and one to take note of," said Barrett.

In post race press conference questioning, teammate David Sieders was asked why he stepped into the V8 Ute Series after racing in the Fujitsu V8 Supercar series.

"I don't see the step to the V8 Utes as a step down at all. I've now boosted my profile tenfold and I've only been at one race. I tried Fujitsu's for 5 years on a family budget and I've made a step up into the V8 Utes. It's a great category, they are well run and everyone has made me feel very welcome," said Sieders.

Former V8 Ute competitor George "Slick" Miedecke who has just moved into the NASCAR development Series in the USA see's the V8 Ute's as an excellent feeder category for all drivers.

"The Utes have been great to me. They made me the driver I am today and have opened my world up to this great opportunity. I met Marcos Ambrose in Sydney last year and now I'm living in the States racing in the same team as him. If I didn't have the background of the V8 Utes I don't see this would have been possible. For me, it's definitely been a major stepping stone for my career and if you look at guys like Zukanovic, Denyer, Luff, Damien White and Chris Pither – all who have come through the V8 Ute ranks it has also done the same for them," said Miedecke. "While the series may not be as fast as others, it teaches you great race craft with real door to door racing every lap, it's a tough category and any race win is very well earned."

Jesus for Life driver Andrew Fisher agrees that it's a well run category and that the Legends race is a great concept and would love to see more of them.

"SPHERIX and the team do a great job running the Series. The whole concept of the Legends and the fact that the owners handed their pride and joy over to someone else, with no questions is a great testament to the guys in the category. It was fantastic to race with Rick (Bates) – he had to go to the confessional box a few times but it would be great to have more of these in the future and I think in future we would get the likes of people like Skaife and Lowndes come to the table," said Fisher.

Barrett agreed and would like to be one of the drivers asked back.

"I've had 19 years away from motorsport and to come back with a win is fantastic! If they have another legends event I think the guys that ran this year should get first pick," he said with a grin.

Fords new Motorsport Manager Chris Styring was also in the V8 Ute paddock over the weekend getting a brief on the series. Both Barrett and Styring are working with the V8 Ute category on the introduction on the new Ford Ute for 2011.

Tune in to Network Seven Saturday, 3 April at 1:30pm to catch all the highlights of Round 1 of the Yokohama V8 Ute Series – protected by Armor All.

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