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Most recently uploaded USAC photos:

Brett Sanderson On the track - Pete Shepherd III at the wheel
Another view.  See the side and rear bumpers. A look under the skin.
Wayne Reutimann Jr. Pablo Donoso drafts behind Jay Drake
Rich Tobias Jr. Walker-Guiducci Racing Beasts, driven by Dave Steele and Dave Darland
Brian Tyler Tim Barber
A modern high speed pavement Silver Crown car Tracy Hines
Josh Wise Dave Steele
Mac Jessup Cody Veenstra
Josh Wise Jay Drake
Tim Barber 2004 Infiniti Pro Series champion Thiago Medeiros
Bryn Gohn Pablo Donoso
Pavement ace Dave Steele Bud Kaeding
The skins cover the bumpers. A closer look at the rear bumper and suspension.
A closer look at the side bumper. Dave Darland pushes back to the garages
Tom Hessert III comes back to the pits John Scott
Daron Clayton Levi Jones
Darren Hagen Brady Short
Lee Boss Dave Darland
Bud Kaeding Mike Murgoitio
Ron Gregory Jay Drake
Bobby Santos III Mario Marietta
Tom Hessert III gets pushed off Tony Stewart Racing/Mopar Beasts, driven by Levi Jones and Josh Wise