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Most recently uploaded USAC photos:

Dan Drinan Steve Paden
Murray Erickson Dave Steele's car is pushed to the starting line
Winner Dave Steele
Bobby East (3rd),  J.J. Yeley (Winner) and Dave Steele (2nd) Dave Steele,  pole winner
Dave Steele Dave Steele
Ryan Scott Bobby East
Tracy Hines Russ Gamester
Josh Wise John Starks
Eric Gordon Chet Fillip
Wayne Reutimann Jr.'s car is prepared David Gough's car is prepared
John Heydenreich Heydenreich's car awaits him
Jason McCord's car is prepared John Starks' car is prepared
Bleeding Jimmy Kite's brakes Chet Fillip likes the nose his way
Jason McCord Brad Armstrong
Kenny Jacobs Rich Tobias Jr.
Carl Edwards Michael Lewis
John Heydenreich Carl Edwards follows Jerry Koons Jr.
Jeff Mitrisin Bentley Warren follows Jason McCord
Ron Gregory David Gough
Danny Ebberts Aaron Pierce
Winner J.J. Yeley Race winner J.J. Yeley takes care of his fans
J.J. Yeley,  outside pole Doug Cross
Drew Fornoro Tracy Hines
Aaron Fike Brad Kuhn