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Determination Gets Demeny on Podium -Super Stock Truck Round 6 Abrams, WI (July 15, 2010) - Don Demeny and his ...

Determination Gets Demeny on Podium -Super Stock Truck Round 6

Abrams, WI (July 15, 2010) - Don Demeny and his #885 Nsight Teleservices Cellcom BFGoodrich Tires Dodge Ram 1500 were looking to continue their string of strong finishes at the most challenging permanent off-road tracks on the Traxxas TORC Series presented by AMSOIL World Tour, Bark River International Raceway. Don finished the weekend strong, but the time spent in Bark River was hardly a cakewalk.

The 1.4 mile natural terrain layout is actually two tracks in one. The backside portion is extremely fast and culminates with the Monster Energy Hill. The hill will send Super Stock Truck racers over 150 feet in the air before landing on the down slope. The front portion is more technical with a variety of jumps mixed in between sweeping turns. The chassis setup and transmission gearing is extremely critical if you want to find yourself on the podium at the end of the day.

During Friday evening practice, Don mounted a GoPro Camera to record the truck's driveline movement as the suspension handled the Upper Peninsula's Iron Monster. After the session the crew realized the alignment within the driveline components needed correction. After some assistance from fellow competitor Scott Beauchamp, the Demeny crew made the modifications and had the Nsight Dodge ready for Round 5 action.

Saturday's land rush start saw Don get right to the front of the pack, but after a couple of laps, it seemed like the engine's power wasn't totally getting to the BFGoodrich Tires. A quick look at the transmission gauge revealed the problem. For some reason the transmission was overheating. Regardless Don pressed on, stayed out of trouble and crossed the finish line fifth out of thirteen trucks.

Overnight the large support team from hometown of Abrams, Wisconsin (after all Don is the Mayor of Abrams) quickly went to work replacing the transmission. The transmission coolers, fans, and lines were also examined with a fine tooth comb. As the team worked well into the night, a new transmission was installed as the yellow Dodge Ram was given a clean bill of health.

Sunday's Round 6 action was intense to say they least. Overnight some of the other Super Stock truck competitors seem to have a "checkers or wreckers" attitude. When the green flag was dropped that attitude came to life. As the thirteen truck field came into the first turn, practically every truck was rubbing or banging into another. At one point, #817 Mitch Dorr was stuck on the back bed of Don's yellow Dodge. By the time Don got separated from the incident the rest of the field was long gone.

Somehow the damage to the #885 Dodge was just superficial. Don's spotter kept the veteran driver calm knowing that most of the lost ground could be made up thanks to the upcoming mandatory yellow flag lap. Once the field was bunched together the NSight Services Tellcom Dodge could get back to serious racing.

That's exactly what Don did, after the mandatory yellow, the yellow Dodge performed flawlessly. Don made all the right moves and was in third place with two laps to go. Now #817 Dorr was back applying the pressure as the two trucks fought for the final spot on the podium. No matter what Dorr attempted, Don not only held his ground, but seemed to be gaining on the second place truck. Regardless, when the checkered flag came out, an exhausted Don Demeny was smiling ear to ear with the final spot on the podium.

"Man o man, to be on the podium after that start is just awesome," exclaimed Don Demeny. "We worked hard Friday night, we worked hard Saturday night. We raced hard and it showed in our results. I can't thank my team enough, a whole bunch of friends and family come out every weekend and lend us a hand. If it weren't them we wouldn't have even made the starting line either day. Thanks again to my crew. What a finish I could feel Mitch behind me, and at the same time Rupe's number plate started to look bigger as we ran that last lap. All I know is that I'm all wore out."

After six rounds of racing, Don Demeny is currently in fourth place in the 2010 TORC Super Stock Truck Championship standings.

The next race on the Traxxas TORC Series presented by AMSOIL is July 23-24 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


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