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Teddy Beach And The Beach Boys Motorsports Team Head West For USAC's 61st Annual 100-Lap "Turkey Night Grand Prix," Chance At A Las Vegas Jackpot (Donnelsville, OH) - Just before the agonizing "off season" that racers dread so much, the Beach...

Teddy Beach And The Beach Boys Motorsports Team Head West For USAC's 61st Annual 100-Lap "Turkey Night Grand Prix," Chance At A Las Vegas Jackpot

(Donnelsville, OH) - Just before the agonizing "off season" that racers dread so much, the Beach Boys Motorsports team, with driver Teddy Beach, are headed out west for one last duo of races to complete their 2001 campaign. The team heads to Irwindale (CA) Speedway this week for the traditional and prestigious "Turkey Night Grand Prix, "on Thursday, Nov. 22nd, then they take a gamble on a shot at winning in the world capitol of fun, Las Vegas, as they tackle "The Bullring" at Las Vegas (NV) Motor Speedway on Saturday, Nov. 24th. Both are USAC WorldCom National and Western State Midget Car Series events.

This will be the team's second visit to the California coast in the past month. Teddy got a chance to warm up for the upcoming "Turkey Night" festival of speed by participating in a USAC Western States Midget Car Series event at the end of October. Although the day did not go as well as they had planned, Teddy & Co. learned a lot about the tricky ½-mile oval, dubbed "L.A.'s ½-mile Superspeedway." They are looking forward to taking the information they learned and apply it to this week's events, giving notice to the other USAC competitors about next year's "Rookie Of The Year" contender.

After returning from California, via Las Vegas where the team will also race in the final USAC event of the year, they will promptly get into gear for one of the biggest races of the year - the "Chili Bowl Midget Nationals." This mega-race, held in the Tulsa Expo Raceway fairgrounds building which is the largest free-span building anywhere, is a cornerstone event for any Midget Car driver and a four-day extravaganza of speed not to be missed by any true race fan. The 2002 event, to be held January 9-12 (expanded to four days for the first time this coming year), will be the second time Teddy and the team tackles this venue, one of the toughest ¼-mile dirt race tracks in the country. Before heading to the cozy confines of Tulsa's Expo Center, the Beach Boys Motorsports team will also campaign Teddy in a two-day indoor event in the Ft. Wayne (IN) Memorial Expo Center on December 28-29.

The 2001 racing season is quickly winding down, and with a little bit of luck, added to the Beach team's preparation and talent, this promises to be a great week of racing that will launch them into an all-out assault on next year's full schedule. We hope you'll come along for the ride!

Event: "Turkey Night Grand Prix" - 100-lap Midget car race
Race Track/Location: Irwindale (CA) Speedway, ½-mile paved oval
Sanction: USAC WorldCom National/Western Midget Car Series (also USAC Western Sprints)
Date: Thursday, November 22, 2001
Race day schedule: Practice: 3:00 pm; Qualifying: 4:30 pm; Autograph Session: 5-7:00 pm; Semi; 2 Qualifying Races; 100-Lap Feature

Race Track/Location: "The Bullring" at Las Vegas (NV) Motor Speedway, 3/8-mile paved oval
Sanction: USAC WorldCom National/Western Midget Car Series (also USAC Western Sprints)
Length: 40 laps for Midget car race
Date: Saturday, November 24, 2001
Race day schedule: Practice: 2:30 pm; Qualifying: 4:15 pm; First Race: 5:30 pm (with 40-lap-feature)


You recently visited Irwindale for another USAC race in late October- what are your impressions of that track?
"The facility is really nice - A1, top notch. The track is real nice, and it's got a nice surface. Everyone is really fast out there and the competition level is really high. It's going to be a tough race. Hopefully we'll qualify well or get a good spot in the heat race. I'll have to race my way into the feature either way - that's the only way to do it. Heat races will be critical. Finishing in a qualifying position is the name of the game."

How did your race go at Irwindale in October?
"We struggled with the car and the track. The track is surprisingly hard to drive. You can't drag the brake at all because it upsets the car, and we found that out later on. We struggled with the chassis setup because we didn't know the track at all - it was our first time there. It was a good test, though, which is why we went all the way out there. It wasn't our best day, but we'll take the information we gained out there and be able to start in the right direction once we get out there for "Turkey Night" and practice the day before."

The "Turkey Night Grand Prix" is one of the most legendary races anywhere. Tell me about what it would feel like to win that race (or do well) after so many racing legends have preceded you into the winner's circle?
"Just being there on that given day is a statement alone because of the great drivers who have driven and competed in that race. It's a privilege to be there. If we could win, we'd take that accomplishment and I'd be proud of the crew and myself. It would be amazing to one day be a winner of that race."

Do you think running "Turkey Night" and the Las Vegas race will prepare you better for the upcoming season when you'll tackle the USAC schedule full time?
"Definitely. Any type of racing over the winter will prepare me for next year.keep all of the rough edges off of me. I'll be ready to go for next year."

How have you been keeping busy since the Midwest off season began?
"I have been working at the race shop and have been keeping up to date with what's going on in the USAC races out west and with racing news in general."

You have worn the new Hutchens Device head and neck restraint system in the past few races - how do you like wearing the system and has it been effective?
"I like it, I really like it. The way I've been wearing it, it's not quite right and it could possibly cause an injury because of the way it's attached to my firesuit, so I think I'm going to have it redesigned slightly, but it won't take away from its effectiveness. It keeps my head real stationery and doesn't allow for a lot of movement. I don't like to move around a lot in the car. I like to be real tight and secure because if you move around you tend to get tired. The tighter I am (in the car) the better I feel, and this system really keeps me still. It allows me to concentrate a lot better."

Thanksgiving is traditionally a family holiday. You typically spend that day in Florida with your relatives, but this year you'll be in California racing (with your dad, brother and the rest of the team). How will that affect you?
"I'm not concerned about it too much. Thanksgiving is a time to be with family, but racing is part of my life and part of my lifestyle, and I'll deal with it just fine."

After "Turkey Night," there's a bit of a drought in your racing schedule before you head to Ft. Wayne for a two-day indoor show and Tulsa for the "Chili Bowl Midget Nationals." How much are you looking forward to that?
"I can't wait for the "Chili Bowl." We'll run a few indoor races this winter - at Ft. Wayne, and then I'm trying to get a Kenyon Car ride in a race in Dayton at the Hara Arena. But I can't wait to head to Tulsa in January for the "Chili Bowl." That race is such a blast. It's hard, and it 's a really tricky short track, but I like it a lot. I ran out there last year for the first time and had a lot of fun, so I'm looking forward to going back."


** Irwindale ("Turkey Night") and Las Vegas races televised on ESPN2: Check out all of the USAC racing action from Irwindale and Las Vegas on the tube: The 100-lap "Turkey Night Grand Prix" from Irwindale Speedway held on, well.Turkey Night, will be televised on Sunday, Nov. 25th from 4-6:00 pm EST on ESPN2. The race from "The Bullring" at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Saturday, Nov. 24th - the USAC Midget season finale - will be televised on ESPN2 on Sunday, December 2 from 10:30 pm -12:30 am EST.

** Beach Boys Motorsports Midgets and Kenyon Cars busy on display at car shows: Although the "off season" has just begun, the Beach Boys Motorsports team is keeping busy with many show car appearances around the region. Teddy's #25 pavement car will be one of the highlights of a very special week at the Indiana Convention Center December 6-9 when it hosts the 28,000 youngsters of the National Catholic Youth Conference. Various types of racing machines will be on display throughout the four days. Then on Saturday, December 8th, Teddy's brand new #25 dirt Midget, along with Todd Beach's #5 Kenyon Car, will make a trip over the border from their shop in Ohio to Indiana and play a special part in a Racer's Auction to benefit the Injured Driver's Fund, promoted by MidStates Motorsports, Inc. The event will be held at Victory Chevrolet-Oldsmobile-Cadillac on East National Road (US 40, off of I-70 in Richmond, IN). The auction will be held from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, and will also include a die-cast collectible show. Admission is $3.00, with kids under 12 free if an adult accompanies them. More information on this special day can be obtained by calling Bill Holder, (937) 233-0924.

** Beach Boys Motorsports #25 and #5 Day-Glo orange-and-white thoroughbred Midget & Kenyon Car machines individually hand-painted: Anyone who has been to a NAMARS race this year has undoubtedly been impressed with the beautiful Beach Boys Motorsports cars driven by Teddy & Todd Beach. And rightfully so. Whereas most teams paint on a base coat or a general paint scheme, then paste on a stack of decals, the Beach Boys Motorsports team has their cars hand-painted with ferocious bright orange flames on a brilliant white background. The roll cage is powdercoated in sparkling silver for a stunning effect. Even the Beach Boys Motorsports logo, now a familiar sight in victory lanes all across the Midwest, is an individualized creation specifically hand-painted on that machine (although of similar design throughout each car on the team). The credit for these gorgeous paint jobs goes to Dave Gabbert of DDS Graphics out of Springfield, OH.

** New Beach Boys Motorsports / Teddy & Todd Beach Fan Club: The Beach Boys Motorsports team has just formed a new Fan Club for its drivers, Teddy & Todd Beach. Benefits Include: Official Certificate of Membership; 2002 Publicity Card Signed By Teddy and Todd; Race Schedules For Both Teddy and Todd; Official autographed Beach Boys Motorsports high-quality baseball hat; Select Track Ticket Discounts; Access To Driver And Team At Races (in our VIP/Hospitality area); Merchandise Discounts; Special Fan Club Parties At Tracks; Official Laminated Membership Card / Assigned Membership Number; Monthly Newsletter; VIP Access to Special Events; Sponsor Decal Giveaways; Product and Service Discounts, as well as many more surprises!!! Individual Memberships are $15.00 per year, and Family Memberships are $25.00 per year for up to four people (memberships acquired between now and Dec. 31, 2001 will officially start Jan. 1, 2002 and run for a full year). Interested? Write out your name (all names and children's ages if family membership), address, city, state, zip, home & work phone number, e-mail address and birthdate, and please mail with appropriate payment (made payable to "Beach Boys Motorsports") to: Beach Boys Motorsports Fan Club, 3061 Coast Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46214. After we receive this information and appropriate payment, we'll process your membership and get your introductory membership package in the mail immediately! Thanks for your support of the Beach Boys Motorsports team!

** New Beach Boys Motorsports website and store coming soon! We are diligently working on a new Beach Boys Motorsports / Teddy & Todd Beach website, which will be one of the most comprehensive racing team sites on the 'Net today! Driver chats, results, schedules, press releases, photos, fan club information, video interview, video of racing action, and a store full of BBM merchandise (yes, the hot orange and white colors you love) are just some of the surprises you'll find on the new site. Check out www.BeachBoysMotorsports.com, www.TeddyBeach.com or www.ToddBeach.com for all of the latest. Coming Soon!

** New Beach Boys Motorsports Newsletter for 2002: Would you like to keep up with Teddy & Todd Beach throughout the year through a regularly-produced Newsletter? You'll be treated to exclusive insight into the drivers and team, as well as information on past and upcoming races. Team tidbits, photos and other interesting information will also be a regular part of the communication from our team to the fans, media, sponsors, manufacturers and sanctions. To receive the Newsletter, which will be available through both e-mail as well as a hard copy sent through the U.S. Postal Service, please send your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address to: Beach Boys Motorsports Newsletter, 3061 Coast Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46214, or you can call or e-mail Janie Vogel at: (317) 280-8832, jvogel@iquest.net.

November 22 - "Turkey Night Grand Prix" - Irwindale (CA) Speedway (Teddy)
November 24 - Las Vegas (NV) Motor Speedway (Teddy)
December 28-29 - Ft. Wayne (IN) Expo Center (indoor Midget race)
January 9-12, 2002 - "Chili Bowl Midget Nationals," Tulsa (OK) Expo Center (indoor Midget race)

The Beach Boys Motorsports team would like to thank and acknowledge their sponsors for the year 2001 - Fram/Autolite, Cincinnati Fastener, Weld Wheels, Simpson Safety Equipment and Beach Manufacturing. THANK YOU!!


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