Rick Treadway Updates 2000-6-09

Here's what’s been happening with the ...

Here's what’s been happening with the #5 WorldCom, McClure Oil/Sunoco, Sanders Sports Marketing, Miller Lite, Eviciti, Mi-Jack car since our last communication!

We are pleased and proud to have renewed our sponsorship with MCI WorldCom, Sunoco Oil, McClure Oil, Mi-Jack, Eviciti, and Miller Lite. We are also proud to add Sanders Sports Marketing. A big thanks to them for their continued support!!

At the Speedrome

Wednesday, May 24th - Rear end problems prevented us from finishing the race.

Thursday, May 25th - Our mechanical problems continued, but with a better ending. We were in the lead when the brakes started to give out and the mag started giving us problems. I was worried I would be able to even finish the race, but we held on and came in second place.

Saturday, May 27th - The Budweiser Night Before the 500 at IRP seemed to be the night nothing went right from the start. I can only hope our bad luck for the season was used up that night!

Upon arrival, in preparation for our first practice session, we discovered an oil leak. Missing that session to fix the problem, we finished in time for the second session. Even though this was our assigned group, we were not allowed on the track to practice. They said there were already too many cars on the track. With some persistent persuasion, we were allowed one lap to check for any oil leaks. Consequently, we qualified in the middle of the pack, putting us in 18th position for the heat race. With the top six spots advancing, I had to pass 12 cars to make the feature.

The green flag dropped and we moved up to 11th with 6 more cars to pass, when we had a yellow flag. In single file, as we readied to restart, my car and the one in front of me died because we were going too slow. The pace car was going too slow, causing our cars to quit. Even though it wasn’t our fault, we had to go the back of the pack. I finished 15th, far from the cut for the feature.

At the Speedrome, May 31st, we were in the lead of the feature race, when I got bumped from behind, spinning me out, and putting me back in last position. From there we advanced back up to third, when the battery started to fail and we pulled out.

June 7th, we had a few suspension adjustments to make after spinning out in our heat race, but we fixed it up for the feature. Starting last, we finished in third place. We are now 4th in points for the Speedrome series and are hungry to win!!!

We are still at the Speedrome every Wednesday night. Racing starts about 7PM. Also a reminder, Friday, June 30th, we will be at the Anderson Speedway for the MCI WorldCom USAC National Series. It will be tape delayed July 5th on ESPN2 at 11PM EST.

Thank you for all your support. I hope to see you at the track someday soon.

Until then, gas it up…

Rick Treadway

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