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Eight races remain in the MCI WorldCom Regional Midget Series at the Speedrome, as the gap closes for the top five point leaders. The ...

Eight races remain in the MCI WorldCom Regional Midget Series at the Speedrome, as the gap closes for the top five point leaders. The #5 WorldCom, McClure Oil/Sunoco, Sanders Sports Marketing, Miller Lite, Heritage Advisory car, is 41 points out of third, and only 68 out of 1st place. The competition is heating up! We’ve battled rain showers that cancelled two races, rescheduled for October 7th, at the Speedrome, and Saturday night, July 29th, at the Mount Lawn track, in New Castle.

JULY 19th - The crew’s been working hard on our new engine. In practice, it was smooth! We ran third in our heat race and started the feature outside row three. We moved up and broke out of the pack early with the other two points leaders. On lap 18 we took the lead and held on to it despite a quick spin through the water puddles inside the tires in turn three. Several yellows closed up the leaders, but the #5 car had the speed to go the distance and on to take the checkered flag for victory number three!

JULY 12th- Things just didn’t go smoothly for us. The car wasn’t doing well in traffic that night. Two spin outs put us out of the race and looking ahead to the next week.

JUNE 30th Anderson – My crew worked hard to get the car ready in one day for Anderson. We qualified in the middle of the pack, 26 of 51, at 12.140 seconds, which put us in the second heat, outside row one. The car got a little squirrelly on us but our second place finish put us in the main feature.

Back in the pits, we made some modifications, but couldn’t quite put our finger on the problem. Starting 18th in Row 9, we were anxious to make a good appearance on the TV broadcast. Unfortunately, the car wasn’t handling quite right. We finished 19th, pulling out on the final laps

JUNE 28th-We finished 2nd in our heat race, but coasted across the finish line. We lost power so we thought the Mag might be going out. Our crew, aided by a couple of welcomed walk-ons, worked fast and furious to get us up to speed for the feature. Starting 8th in the 50-lap, I clearly didn’t like the view from back there. The #5 car found the groove and we moved up to the top three. With no yellow flags in the race to help us out, I struggled to move into first and our break came on lap 41. We had to hold on for 9 more laps, when the first yellow came out on lap 42. Taking away the momentum we had going for us, we stayed right up in front, anticipating that white flag when another yellow came out on lap 48. The car behind me was going to get another chance to take back the lead, but he couldn’t make it happen. The checkered flag belonged to us that night!!

JUNE 21st - Finishing 6th in our heat race put us back to the pits for adjustments. A mid-pack start in the feature clearly meant crunch time for us to get our much-needed points. The guys did a good job on the car and we steadily moved up the field. The car got a little loose and spun out in Turn 3, putting us to the back of the pack. Once again, we were able to make some quick maneuvers as time was running out. As we approached the leaders, a car spun out in front of me leaving me with nowhere to go. With a two spin out rule, we were done for the night, placing 12th.

Thanks to everyone for your supportive e-mails and phone calls. We love to hear from you!! Every Wednesday, you’ll find us at the Speedrome, in the race, for the championship. Hope you can join us there soon … heat races at 6PM… feature at 8PM.

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