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Bobby East Wins USAC Silver Crown Series Race at Phoenix Bobby East, driver of the No. 6 Klatt Enterprises/Ford Racing/ClubSport Beast Ford, won Thursday night's USAC K&N Silver Crown Series Copper World Class race at Phoenix International ...

Bobby East Wins USAC Silver Crown Series Race at Phoenix

Bobby East, driver of the No. 6 Klatt Enterprises/Ford Racing/ClubSport Beast Ford, won Thursday night's USAC K&N Silver Crown Series Copper World Class race at Phoenix International Raceway. Earlier in the day, East won the USAC Mopar Copper World Class National Midget Championship Series race at Phoenix International Raceway.

BOBBY EAST -- No. 6 Klatt Enterprises/Ford Racing/ClubSport Beast Ford

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED TODAY -- YOU WON BOTH RACES. "Yeah, this is just awesome. Terry Klatt, my car owner, is the best car owner to drive for. I forgot to say something about him during the Midget race. But to get our first two wins at Phoenix International, his and mine, I think his, but I know mine. To do the first in the same night is pretty cool. It's just fun to drive these great race cars."

YOU HAD FUEL ISSUES IN THE 25 LAP MIDGET EVENT. ANY WORRIES WITH FUEL HERE IN A 100 MILE RACE? "Not really because the caution laps count and it doesn't really hurt us that much. There was one caution there after halfway that actually helped us. I got my tires a little hot and that was my fault. But we got a caution there to cool them down. This car was awesome. This Ford motor ran great and I thank everybody else involved."

AS YOUR CAR WAS ON THE GRID, YOUR FATHER AND BROTHER-IN-LAW, TERRY COOK, TALKED TO EACH OTHER AND THEN THE REAR END WENT UP. YOU MADE ONE SMALL CHASSIS CHANGE. DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT THAT WAS? AND WAS IT BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU LEARNED IN THE MIDGET EVENT? "Yeah, our Midget was hitting a little bit more than we thought it was going to. It was anything bad but just at the beginning of the race, it was hitting a little bit more, so we just raised the car up a little bit more because of the heavy fuel load which made it better at the beginning of the race but maybe hurt it a little bit at the end. It was all right."

PRESS CONFERENCE -- "It's really awesome. My guys work so hard and I drive for a great car owner in Terry Klatt. And my dad Bob East does such a great job setting them up. All of us put our heart and soul into racing here. We live and die by it. Tonight was a good night for us."

WHEN DO YOU KNOW YOU HAVE THAT 25 LAP CAR OR THAT 100-MILE CAR WHEN IT CAME TO PRACTICE OR TESTING OR LAST MINUTE CHANGES BEFORE YOU TAKE THE GREEN FLAG? "I was really comfortable with my Midget. I knew I could run extremely fast times without being real hard on my tires. Some of that knowledge just comes from experience but I knew that we had a car that was going to be hard to beat in the Midget program. In the Silver Crown though, it was kind of up in the air to me but it turned out all right. We had a really great car."

HOW MUCH PRESSURE WAS THERE FOR YOU ON TH RESTARTS? "There's quite a bit. It's fairly hard to pass here and you hate to lose the race by getting passed on the restart like that and all those restarts at the end of the Midget race. It's fair straight forward, just protecting my line a little bit down the frontstretch and get him to the outside, if he wanted to go that way. But it all worked out. In the Silver Crown cautions actually helped me out. I got my tires a little too hot about halfway through the race and used them up a little too much. That gave them time to cool down and the last 20 laps, I just went as hard as I could. I wasn't worried about the tires."

ANY DIFFERENCES RACING WITH RYAN NEWMAN KNOWING THE SUCCESS HE HAD IN THE SILVER CROWN SERIES AND NOW BEING THE DAYTONA 500 CHAMP WHEN YOU RACE SIDE-BY-SIDE FOR A FEW LAPS. "I've run a few Silver Crown races with Ryan. I grew up watching and competing, although I was working on the car, I was competing against Ryan. We all know what kind of driver Ryan Newman is. He's an excellent, excellent driver. He was extremely fast tonight. But we knew that. We know that every weekend, we know that when he races with us that he's going to be really fast and hard to beat."

HOW SATISFYING IS THIS WIN FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY? "It's pretty cool. I haven't gotten to talk to them much. It's really satisfying for me. It's been a while but it's cool."

SOMEONE ASKED YOUR DAD WHICH TROPHY HE THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE MORE. YOUR DAD THOUGHT YOU'D THINK THE MIDGET TROPHY MEANS MORE TO WIN. "It's a tougher deal. I don't want to say a tougher class, at all. I don't really know how he knew that. He just knows that I've put a lot of effort in and I really about the Midget program a lot and always have. Growing up as a kid, this was always my favorite. And he probably knows that I almost won a race here a few years ago and wasn't able to get it down."

CAN YOU TELL ON THE RESTARTS WHO IS FAST? "One of the other cautions, I saw that the 99 had already made his way up to second. I know that he's won one or two races this year already. I know they have a great program and those used to be my motors that I used run, so I know they've got great motors, great Fords. Yeah, I was a nervous, not nervous but I knew he was going to have something for us."

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