Earl's Fast Qualifier 2006-06-26

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Damion Gardner of Concord, Calif. posted his 12th fast qualifying time of the season Saturday at Perris, Calif., pacing the USAC/CRA Sprint Car time trials. He continues to chase Jimmy Davies' all-time single-season record of 26 established during the 1962 National Midget Series.

Drivers earning top Earl's points in last weekend's action included Josh Wise (Silver Crown), Dave Steele (National Sprints), Garrett Hansen (Western Midgets), Gardner (CRA Sprints), Cameron Veach (California Focus) and Bradley Riethmeyer (Indiana Focus).

Earl's points will be up for grabs this week in races at Indianapolis, Ind. (National Sprints and Midgets), Ventura, Calif. (Western Midgets), Perris, Calif. (CRA Sprints), and New Castle, Ind., Elkin, N.J. and Ventura, Calif. (Ford Focuses).

Points are awarded at each USAC event based on an international system awarding the top-six qualifiers with points in the following scale: 1st-9, 2nd-6, 3rd-4, 4th-3, 5th-2, 6th-1. When qualifying is not held for Ford Focus events, points are awarded based on a system of lineup points earned in the preliminary heats.

Each USAC National, Western and Ford Focus Midget Car Earl's Plumbing FQ Champion will be honored at USAC's Champions Night ceremony in Indianapolis. The Silver Crown FQ champ will receive $5,000, while National Sprint and Midget and Western Sprint and Midget and USAC/CRA FQ champs will receive $3,000 each. The Ford Focus FQ champs will each receive $500.

2006 Standings:

Silver Crown (K & N Engineering): 1-Bud Kaeding-28; 2-Brian Tyler-19; 3-Josh Wise-18; 4-Aaron Pierce & Wayne Reutimann Jr.-12.

National Sprint Car: 1-Josh Wise-51; 2-Levi Jones-41; 3-Dave Steele-30; 4-Tracy Hines-29; 5-Jay Drake-25.

National Midget Car: 1-Jerry Coons Jr.-17 2-Bryan Clauson & Josh WIse-14; 4-Billy Wease-12; 5-Dave Steele & Bobby Santos III9

Western Sprint Car: 1-Tony Hunt-28; 2-Mike Murgoitio-20; 3-Kody Swanson-19; 4-Nick Green-16; 5-Bradley Galedrige-14.

Western Midget Car: 1-Jerome Rodela-40; 2-Garrett Hansen-26; 3-Ryan Kaplan-22; 4-Bradley Galedrige-20; 5-Robby Flock-18.

CRA Sprint Car: 1-Damion Gardner-115; 2-Cory Kruseman-51; 3-Mike Spencer-22; 4-Charles Davis Jr.-18; 5-Rickie Gaunt & Evan Suggs-16.

Midwest Ford Focus: 1-Tate Martz-28; 2-Craig Haack-17; 3-James Robertson-14; 4-Chett Gehrke-12; 5-Jordan Noblitt-9.

Indiana Ford Focus: 1-James Robertson & Tate Martz-21; 3-Zach Schiff-18; 4-Bradley Riethmeyer-9; 5-Shannon McIntosh & Casey Riggs-8.

California Ford Focus: 1-Michael Faccinto-33; 2-Chris Veach-26; 3-Nic Faas-25; 4-Keith Janca & Bobby Michnowicz-22.

Carolina/Virginia Ford Focus: 1-Chase Scott-45; 2-Bradley Riethmeyer-42; 3-Aron Oakley-19; 4-Michael Sboro-13; 5-Mark Burt-7.

Florida Ford Focus: 1-Ryan Smith-21; 2-Ryan Scott-18; 3-Craig Haack-15; 4-Ricky Ehrgott-13; 5-Terry Hall-11.

Northeast Ford Focus: 1-Ryan Smith-22; 2-Sean Carman-19; 3-Aaron Wall-12; 4-Jeff Abold-10; 5-Nick Wean & Stephanie Stevens-9.


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