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HUGE USAC NATIONAL SPRINT CAR SERIES' "INDIANA SPRINT WEEK" UP NEXT FOR CHRIS WINDOM 10th Place In Mansfield Midget Go Highlights Past Weekend (INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- July 10, 2007): 16-year-old Chris Windom, of Canton, Ill., has the...

10th Place In Mansfield Midget Go Highlights Past Weekend

(INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- July 10, 2007): 16-year-old Chris Windom, of Canton, Ill., has the biggest series of races of the year on tap next for his Windom Motorsports team and him this week as they attack the massive "Indiana Sprint Week" USAC National Sprint Car Series schedule - eight races over 10 days which allow no room for error. The best non-winged Sprint car drivers in the country will converge on Indiana's dirt tracks for this prestigious series, competing in doubleheaders at Lawrenceburg (IN) Speedway and Gas City (IN) I-69 Speedway, before moving to Kokomo (IN) Speedway, Kamp Motor Speedway in Boswell, Ind., Bloomngton (IN) Speedway and Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Ind. (See above for full schedule).

"I've been wanting to run 'Indiana Sprint Week' for two years, but couldn't because of my age," Windom said of his busy week. "It's been the thing I've been looking forward to all year. We'll need to try to keep up on the cars, need things to go smooth for us and no big drama for either of our cars (primary and backup) for us to have a great week. I'm especially excited because we are going to tracks I've been good on all year long, so I'm looking to do really well during this series this year. I really think it will be a great week for us."

For the competitors on the USAC National Sprint Car Series points-chasing trail, the whole season pretty much leads up to this week. Luckily for young Windom, the series has multiple doubleheaders at many of his favorite tracks to kick off the grueling schedule.

"I'm really looking forward to 'Indiana Sprint Week' because the series goes to most of the tracks I'm used to and have done fairly well at -- Lawrenceburg, Gas City and Kokomo," Windom explained, continuing, "although it doesn't bother me to go to tracks that I haven't raced at before, or very much, like Kamp Motor Speedway, because it's the same for everyone. But because 'Indiana Sprint Week' takes place at tracks that I'm really comfortable racing at, hopefully I can look forward to some good results these next two weekends. I haven't had the year I had been hoping for, due to various mechanical issues and other problems. But I couldn't have done anything more about it other than race hard and hope things get better. This would be a great week to start.

"I've run Boswell once and that was one of the first times I was in a Sprint car. I didn't know much about Sprint car racing at the time and I really don't remember too much about it -- I was still learning at the time. But the track seemed to have a lot of potential to be a great facility, so I'm looking forward to going back and seeing what it's going to be like a few years later. I really like going to new tracks and learning them, so going to a relatively new track like Kamp will be exciting. I've been really good at Bloomington the last two years. I've been looking forward to that "Sprint Week" race all year as I know I can run that track well and I've only been there once this year so far. Haubstadt is really one of my most favorite tracks in Indiana, as we've been good there almost every time we show up. I've been close to winning races there against the same guys that will be there next weekend, so we should do well. The promoters really take care of the track and the surface is usually really good every week, and it's always a fun track to go to. I'm really looking forward to going to all of the 'Indiana Sprint Week' tracks because I've usually done well at them. Time will tell if that trend continues."

In racing, momentum is everything, both on the track and off. A driver that wins can typically keep winning because the extra confidence from that victory affects every part of his or her program. But the reverse is also true, and a negative experience can multiply in many different ways within the driver's psyche and within the team as they try everything they can to try to eliminate mistakes or bad luck.

"I think you can carry momentum over as long as things go well. But it can go either way. If things go well this weekend, the momentum is also good and will carry over to next weekend. If you have a problem this weekend, you can either get stuck and waste the opportunity to correct things for next weekend, or use the three days between weekends to regroup, find out what went wrong and figure out what to do about it to correct the situation for Boswell. Obviously, the best situation would be for the whole Windom Motorsports team to do well this week and not have to worry about getting back on track for next weekend."

The importance for veterans during this series of events is implicit, as they know they are expected to perform well in front of a nationwide audience. But for a young driver who is just making his name in the top levels of USAC racing, doing well during "Indiana Sprint Week" can be a career maker.

"I feel a little bit of pressure, but it's mainly me putting pressure on myself to do the best I can each week. I really don't get too much pressure from other people at this stage because I think everyone around me knows I'm doing the best I can every race. 'Indiana Sprint Week' is the toughest series of races we run all year, with many back-to-back races. All of the California guys make the trip to the Midwest, like Cory Kruseman, and they just add to the importance of these events -- we are competing against the best of the best. But for the most part, I have raced against all of them all year during the other USAC shows as well as weekly events, and I've been able to hold my own against the top guys each week. If everything goes the right way, we can run with any of them. We've run just as good as all of them at all of those tracks, so I have a lot of hope for good results in the coming weeks."

Look for a completely renovated to be announced soon.

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