Bloomington Speedway 2000-07-21

(Bloomington, Ind. - July 22, 2000) On the fourth lap of the Larry Rice Classic, the second stop of the Pennzoil Indiana Sprint Week series, Todd Kane's right front spindle or hub broke sending him up the track. Jerry Coons, Jr., driving the ...

(Bloomington, Ind. - July 22, 2000) On the fourth lap of the Larry Rice Classic, the second stop of the Pennzoil Indiana Sprint Week series, Todd Kane's right front spindle or hub broke sending him up the track. Jerry Coons, Jr., driving the Steve Chrisman # 25, barely cleared him; but defending Pennzoil Cup champion Derek Scheffel wasn't so lucky. Scheffel took a bad ride. Fortunately, Derek wasn't seriously injured.

Unfortunately, the Maxim that they have been working on all season wasn't so lucky. The impact as he flipped was severe enough that it broke the 3/8" aircraft aluminum motor plate and just about everything else on their Maxim. If Derek feels well enough to go again tonight the third round of Pennzoil Indiana Sprint Week at Lawrenceburg Speedway, they will be forced to go with their backup car.

Derek's car owner and father, Ron Scheffel, said, "We'll have to see how Derek feels when he wakes up. If he feels up to it we'll take the other car to Lawrenceburg."

This incident, between cars starting 16th and 17th, would not seem to be an event of particular consequence in a race populated by the best non winged sprint car racers in the country. Indeed, with the kind of night that these two were having, neither of them could probably be expected to have much impact on the winner of the feature. However, the red flag that they brought out may well have sealed the fate of those competitors trying to chase down Jay Drake. Like Karl Kinser, Drake's car owner, Keith Kunz of Columbus, Ind., is known for his ability to read track conditions and make adjustments during a red flag. This red flag gave Keith the opportunity to assess the situation and make minor adjustments to his potent Stealth/Gaerte. So long as Drake didn't get collected by a backmarker as he sliced through the field of cars he was lapping or make a rare error, he seemed certain to win. He drove a near perfect race.

Pole sitter Derek Davidson who led the initial circuit held onto second for the balance of the race; but he obviously had nothing for Drake. He did close a little as Drake got into lapped traffic; but, as he got into lapped traffic himself, the Drake's lead again began to stretch out. USAC sprint car points leader Tony Elliott finished a strong third followed by John Stanbrough, Bloomington Speedway regular Kevin Briscoe, Pennzoil Cup points leader Chris LaFollette, J.J. Yeley, Bud Kaeding, A.J. Anderson, and Bill Rose.

Bill Boggs and Buddy Cunningham both flipped attempting to qualify; and Billy Puterbaugh, Jr. cartwheeled down the backstretch after running over the right rear wheel of a fellow competitor in the second non-qualifier's race. Greg Dillion took a tumble in the same incident. Brandon Petty and Eric Burns took the two non-qualifiers' races; however, the story here was probably who didn't transfer to one of the heat races. They included Kent Christian in the normally strong Law Brothers car, Jonathan Vennard, Kenny Carmichael, Jeff Wilson, and Bloomington Speedway regular Jared Fox. The heat races went to Elliott, Levi Jones, Jack Hewitt, and Dave Darland.

The "B" feature could well have been a feature anywhere else. It was won by Pennzoil Cup points leader Chris LaFollette trailed by Tracy Hines (currently second in USAC sprint car points), Bud Kaeding, defending Pennzoil Cup champion Scheffel, Jason Robbins, and Davidson. Brad Cox, Tony Jarrett, Kevin Thomas, Kasey Kahne, and the rest of the drivers from the "B" were done for the night. Kahne's night ended in rather spectacular fashion when his steering broke taking his brakes with it. At that point Kahne became a passenger. He ran off the end of the track and collided, head on, with Mike Miles' water truck. The sprinter obviously lost its battle with the water truck; but it got its licks in as it went under the truck up to the roll cage. However, the truck didn't come out unscathed. It suffered a punctured tire, a broken spring, and probably some steering damage.

In the modifieds, it was Kerry Norris from Green to Checker. When Norris is right, nobody can touch him; and he was certainly "right" last night. Richie Lex and Gary Trammell had a pretty good battle for second with Lex prevailing. Lee Hobbs came home fourth trailed by Matt Boknecht, Adam Sasser, Curtis Knieriem, Ray Humphrey, John DeMoss, and Brian Campbell.

Norris, Knieriem, and Lex won the heats while Norris took the dasy.


USAC sprint car feature - Larry Rice Classic: 1. Jay Drake 2. Derek Davidson 3. Tony Elliott 4. Jon Stanbrough 5. Kevin Briscoe 6. Chris LaFollette 7. J.J. Yeley 8. Bud Kaeding 9. A.J. Anderson 10. Bill Rose 11. Dave Darland 12. Tracy Hines 13. Jack Hewitt 14. Eric Gordon 15. Levi Jones 16. Justin Marvel 17. Jerry Coons, Jr. 18. Jason Robbins 19. Cory Kruseman 20. Eric Burns 21. Derek Scheffel 22. Todd Kane

Fast Qualifier: Hines

Non Qualifiers' Race 1: 1. Brandon Petty 2. Terry Pletch 3. Kent Christian 4. Randy Donelson 5. Dickie Gaines 6. Josh Cunningham 7. Scott Orr 8. Dwayne Spille 9. Jonathan Vennard 10. Kenny Carmichael 11. Brad Stevens

Non Qualifiers' Race 2: 1. Eric Burns 2. Rick Hayden 3. Corey Smith 4. Jeff Wilson 5. Andy Hurtubise 6. Charlie Sarver 7. Jared Fox 8. Greg Dillion 9. Danny Williams, Jr. 10. Billy Puterbaugh, Jr.

Heat Race 1: 1. Tony Elliott 2. Jay Drake 3. A.J. Anderson 4. Todd Kane 5. Tracy Hines 6. Richard Ott 7. Brandon Petty 8. Brian Tyler 9. Kevin Thomas

Heat Race 2: 1. Levi Jones 2. Jerry Coons, Jr. 3. Kevin Briscoe 4. Cory Kruseman 5. Bud Kaeding 6. Dustin Smith 7. Jimmy Laser 8. Jason Robbins 9. Terry Pletch

Heat Race 3: 1. Jack Hewitt 2. Justin Marvel 3. Eric Gordon 4. Eric Burns 5. Brad Fox 6. Bobby Smith 7. Derek Scheffel 8. Kasey Kahne 9. Chris LaFollette

Heat Race 4: 1. Dave Darland 2. Bill Rose 3. Jon Stanbrough 4. J.J. Yeley 5. Dave Peperak 6. Derek Davidson 7. Rick Hayden 8. Bryon Walters 9. Tony Jarrett

True Value Semi: 1. Chris LaFollette 2. Tracy Hines 3. Bud Kaeding 4. Derek Scheffel 5. Jason Robbins 6. Derek Davidson 7. Dustin Smith 8. Brad Fox 9. Tony Jarrett 10. Kevin Thomas 11. Bryon Walters 12. Bobby Smith 13. Rick Hayden 14. Brian Tyler 15. Brandon Petty 16. Richard Ott 17. Dave Peperak 18. Kasey Kahne


Modified Feature: 1. Kerry Norris 2. Richie Lex 3. Gary Trammell 4. Lee Hobbs 5. Matt Boknecht 6. Adam Sasser 7. Curtis Knieriem 8. Ray Humphrey 9. John DeMoss 10. Brian Campbell 11. Rodney Harris, Jr. 12. Bradley Sturgeon 13. Jim Reynolds 14. Clint DeMoss 15. Troy Woods 16. Kris Blessinger 17 Tim Prince 18. Tommy Welin 19. Carlos Bumgardner 20. Brad Brown

Heat Race 1:  1. Kerry Norris  2. Lee Hobbs  3. Ray Humphrey  4. Kris
Blessinger  5. Carlos Bumgardner  6. Brad Brown  7. Doug Nelson  8. Albert
Webb  9. Roy Bruce, Jr.  10. Matt Tiller

Heat Race 2: 1. Curtis Knieriem 2. Gary Trammell 3. Tommy Welin 4. Rodney Harrris, Jr. 5. Troy Woods 6. Bradley Sturgeon 7. Jim Reynolds 8. Karl Roethemeier 9. Brent Payne 10. Mike Tuell

Heat Race 3: 1. Richie Lex 2. Adam Sasser 3. Matt Boknecht 4. John DeMoss 5. Clint DeMoss 6. Tim Prince 7. Beau Hendrich 8. Ryan Blevins 9. Mike Phillips 10. Brian Campbell

Blackwell Trucking Dash for Cash: 1. Kerry Norris 2. Curtis Knieriem 3. Richie Lex

"B" Feature: 1. Tim Prince 2. Bradley Sturgeon 3. Brad Brown 4. Jim Reynolds 5. Brian Campbell 6. Roy Bruce, Jr. 7. Mike Tuell 8. Mike Phillips 9. Doug Nelson 10. Brent Payne 11. Matt Tiller 12. Beau Hendrich 13. Ryan Blevins 14. Karl Roethemeier



  1.    Chris LaFollette        342             1.      Adam Sasser     368
  2.    Kevin Briscoe           336             2.      John DeMoss     348
  3.    Derek Scheffel          304             3.      Ray Humphrey    345
  4.    Brad Fox                289             4.      Lee Hobbs       331
  5.    Jared Fox               281             5.      Gary Trammell   318
  6.    Josh Cunningham         250             6.      Richie Lex      316
  7.    Dave Peperak            248             7.      Matt Tiller     299
  8.    Eric Burns              222             8.      Brian Campbell  298
  9.    Greg Dillion            218             9.      Ryan Blevins    291
 10.    Danny Holtsclaw         218            10.      Clint DeMoss    286


  1.    Lee Hobbs               385
  2.    Greg Kendall            361
  3.    Greg O'Neill            335
  4.    Steven Hunt             333
  5.    Brad Cummings           327
  6.    Perry Bruce             297
  7.    Brady Short             291
  8.    Trent Niflis            283
  9.    Danny Harris            278
 10.    Gerald Todd             278

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