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Todd Beach Jerry Coons Jr. rides
Tom Hessert III and Jason McCord Chet Fillip
Erin Crocker Bud Kaeding
Brian Tyler and Paul White Erin Crocker
Jackie Burke puts his game face on Jackie Burke
John Erin Crocker goes around Paul White
Tom Hessert III Nick Lundgreen and John Heydenreich
Josh Wise Jay Drake
Wayne Reutimann Jr. Sparks fly under Dave Steele's car as he bottoms out
Warming the engine in Erin Crocker's #79 Warming the engine in Bud Kaeding's #19
Pavement master Dave Steele Dave Steele and Bud Kaeding
Dave Steele's Beast Ford sits quietly. It has a plan for today. Dave Steele
Tom Capie Ryan Durst
Aaron Pollock The future of pavement Silver Crown
Wayne Reutimann Jr.'s car is prepared Mat Neely
Jay Drake Jon Stanbrough
Josh Wise John Scott
Brian Tyler Bud Kaeding
Aaron Pierce Darren Hagen
Tradition - they still push them off: eventual winner Ron Gregory in the Beast The pits are full of cars
The session came to an early end when safety crews cleaned up Jay Drake's fuel leak Justin Barger
Brad Armstrong Michael Lewis and Tom Hessert III
Bobby East Eric Gordon
Teddy Beach Todd Beach