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Most recently uploaded Trans-Am photos:

Trois-Rivières fans watch the race on the trackside
Derhaag Motorsports Corvette engine
Jon Leavy's Camaro Garrett Kletjian
Garrett Kletjian Tomy Drissi
Tomy Drissi Detail of Rocketsports Jaguar
Tomy Drissi discusses with Rocketsports team members Joey Scarallo
Bob Ruman Tommy Kendall
Ron Fellows Jon Leavy
Trois-Rivières fans watch the race action Tomy Drissi
Tomy Drissi Joey Scarallo
Ron Fellows Paul Gentilozzi
Bob Ruman Paul Gentilozzi
Garrett Kletjian Charles Webster
A charming vendor
Detail of JD Racing Promotions Jaguar Garrett Kletjian, Joey Scarallo and Jon Leavy
Tommy Kendall
Paul Gentilozzi
Jorge Diaz Jr.
Tommy Kendall
Garrett Kletjian and Jon Leavy Paul Gentilozzi
Jorge Diaz Jr. Bob Ruman
Ron Fellows Garrett Kletjian
Tommy Kendall Paul Gentilozzi
Charles Webster Paul Gentilozzi