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TOM KENDALL (#11 All Sport Body Quencher Ford Mustang) -- What are your thoughts on breaking this 30 year-old record? I had a lot of time to think about it with all the laps going around following the pace car around. The fans here are hard core. They stuck around for this whole thing. I had time then to think and to listen for noises in the car, but this Roush runs real well. I just wanted to get on with business. I was glad it didn't end under yellow and we got to race to the finish. The whole time, as Dale Earnhardt would say, I was hoping they'd drop the rag. That was frustrating, but they were all legitimate. I had time to work on the restarts. More thoughts on the record. Its staggering The most races I'd ever won before is six. There were so many reasons to want to win this race... the list just goes on and on. This place doesn't owe me anything, but if it wants to pay off, its okay, and it paid off big time today. There's no question. Mark Donohue was the king of Trans Am. He's still the king. That's why I felt a little weird about the record. It just feels a little funny. I've been in 80 Trans Am races ... which makes it all the more impressive about Mark Donahue. He did all his stuff in 55 races. What about your history here at Watkins Glen? Fate got me back to Trans Am and that lead to this. I would not change one thing about my career thus far. I've been getting a lot of interest from a lot of places. I've talked with Winston Cup and Indy Car teams over the years, and here I am. On race conditions and the finish. Fortunately the day cooled off. At the end they slowed the pace car down to make sure we could go green at the end. I was worried about the restarts. I had to fall back to give the pace car some space, but once we were able to settle in we were pretty good.

JACK ROUSH (#11 All Sport Body Quencher Ford Mustang) -- No. My hair goes one strand at a time. I felt the weight of a lot of very hard racing history today. They were all watching. Tommy made us very, very proud. We are very proud of what Mark Donohue did. He's been in the record book for a very long time. Now we're very proud of Tommy because he's in the record book now. If things had gone bad today, I would have thought I brought them bad luck. They've been perfect all year without me. I was careful not to add any of my suggestions for what they might do. I just stood out of the way and watched. It's been a really golden year for the Ford Motor Company and the Mustang, All-Sport and Tommy Kendall.

PAUL GENTILOZZI (#5 RISO Chevy Camaro) -- Well it really wasn't a race. There were so many cautions because of guys who probably shouldn't even been in the race. It ruined the race. Tommy had a good car. Our car got better as we ran six or seven laps and as the tires got hot. That was the only opportunity we had. I took a little run the last lap but I wasn't going to pass him. We had a miss that was hurting us off the corners so I was having to be slow opening the throttle. The car ran great. Everything ran fine. We just needed a chance to race.

DORSEY SCHROEDER (#12 Raybestos Ford Mustang) --Another boring Trans-Am race, just like the rest of them. Wasn't much to it really. We lost a motor right there at the end and hurt a motor. We were slowing up but Tommy was just playing. Tommy could run around and lap this field if he needs to. He just doesn't need to. The motor was hurt real bad. I wasn't sure if we were going to make it to the finish or not. All race long it was done 200-300 RPM in the straightaway and it just kept getting worse and worse. In fact right there before the last caution something broke and we just nursed it from there on.

MIKE BORKOWSKI (#4 Textron Automotive Ford Mustang) -- We were trying to race to the front, Lewis was a second and a half a lap slower than me the whole race when I caught him from 39th spot. When somebody's that much quicker than you, you've got to leave some room, but he was blocking all over the darn track. I mean, it's like we're racing go-karts or something, and he was pulling me big time down the back straight and I got in there and he didn't leave any room. We hit and both went around. We would have still been on the lead lap, except I got stuck in the sand trap and by the time the safety guys got to me, the leaders had already passed. If they just pushed me out of there, it would have been okay. At the start, we were the second fastest car out there next to Kendall. I thought we were going to get up there and move up front and get on the podium.

ALESSANDRO ZAMPEDRI (#51 Dinema Chevy Camaro) -- "I would say that it is easier to drive these cars. You don't have all the Gs (G-force) in the corners that you have in an IndyCar, and I think that the power steering definitely helps. Probably the heat is more, even if, this race, it wasn't a problem because we had all those laps under yellow. You have, really, a lot of time to rest and drink in between, so...it was hard to stay focused and concentrate all the race with all those yellows. That, I would say, was the most difficult part. It is easy, when the race reststarts, to spin the car or something with the cold tires, so I really had to be very careful, and think a lot and really try not to lose the concentration. I'm going to do Elkhart Lake and Mosport and that's it for now. Then we'll see. We'll go from there."

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